[SLG] Flirty Dolly! ~Making Love with Younger Girlfriend~

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Circle: pumpkin
Release: Jul/28/2018
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Anime, Loli, Bukkake, Facial, Internal Cumshot, Twin Tail

* Simulation game to have various ecchi with your younger girlfriend

Aika Yumesaki hangs out with you in your room every day.
By plays you chose her body will gradually be awakened erotically…
Then the change brings new plays. As she realizes pleasure of
sexual acts, she eventually goes in an ending, that is…

* Full Voice & Full Animation

1024×768 Window Size
Smooth animation with 30 frames per second
and fully acted voice enrich your viewing pleasure.

* Events You Have Seen Can Be Enjoyed In Gallery Mode

You can sort scenes in your own order in the gallery mode.
In “Auto Mode” you can playback videos continuously
without any mouse controls.

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When i click the EXE files, it shows a bunch of “?????” and if I rename it, it does not work


is the same for me. i tink wee need a special fils.exe for run this game