[RPG] Hunter Quest ~Aina’s Arduous Tale~ [English] (fan-translated ver.)

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Circle: Milk Seeki
Release: Sep/27/2016
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Fantasy, Violation, Orgy Sex, Bestiality, Interspecies Sex, Corrupted Morals

Milk Seeki presents
An R-18 RPG of great duty and ravishings!

* Story
Once an age the kingdom of Plush is darkened by an “eclipse”.
As the time draws near, a foul excitement compels the monsters of the land;
the government enlists every able-bodied soldier and hunter to find
and calm the monsters, however necessary.

Among the hunter mafia are “wolves” with a plot to resurrect a great demon.
Realizing this, the kingdom puts a great responsibility on lone novice hunter, Aina!

* Multiple endings based on completed actions and “lewdness” levels,
with replayable H scenes, message skip, 8-directional movement, fast battles
and other features. Screen size is 640×480.

(Some battles have a game over result, but overall you do not “lose”.)

* After each ending, you can view all events for that route in the replay room.

* For your viewing pleasure: whorehouse activities,
wrecked by a huge orc c*ck, monster gangbang, tentacles,
bestiality, monster pregnancy ending, moral corruption, and more!

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free): http://dlsite.jp/RPGTKool_eng/

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Kou Ko

That’s not the DLSite English version. That’s the old fan translation version.

Faith Rolled

What’s the password for the extra zip file?