[ACT] Eliminator Kaede ver.1.2 [English-Uncen]

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Eliminator カエデさん

Circle: Moyashi Institute of Technical Research
Release: Oct/05/2017
Work Format: Action
Genre: Breasts, Masturbation, Golden Shower/Urination, Scatology, Nekomimi (Cat Ears), Blood

System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
CPU: i7 3.0ghz
Video: GTX970
DirectX: 11

Extra information:
– You can change the language of the game right in the main menu. Right side, up, where you see “Language”. Just change it from japanese to english and voilà.
– However, even though most of the items and options are translated, the document that you will find inside her apartment.. unfortunately is still in japanese. I don’t know what’s that supposed to be honestly. And the same is even for the writing on the wall, always inside the apartment. Different matter when you’ll spawn for the first time in the training room. Most likely what you see will be the instruction on how to run, crouch, shoot and so on: things that you can easily understand for yourself or just watch the option in the pause menu.
– Third thing, fair warning: as far as I know this game doesn’t have any sex at all. Maybe just between lesbians (if that is an option, but seeing a screenshot, should be) but that’s it. Just some masturbation and nothing else. Is mostly an FPS kind of game where the “porn” is secondary.

The most indecent third person shooting game in Japan (self proclaimed)!

A silver haired girl mows down undefined creatures with her gun!
And sometimes, in return, she is beaten down by the abominations.

You can peep on her while she relieves herself in the restroom,
or when she masturbates on an instant bed.
When peeping, the camera angle can be modified freely.

“Stop peeping on me you perv!”

10 outfits for her to wear with a range of exclusive optional parts for each.
Which means… A countless number of combinations! (probably)

20 achievements and a bonus illustration (unlocked by a certain condition) is included!

* Please be aware of that this product contains grotesque and offensive expressions.
Most of which the player will never see without an intentional attempt to do so.

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the resolution of the game is wider than the screen




Dude… those creature are so freaking fast and the sounds they make scare me a little. What happened to all the other humans in the world? Is it only Japan that has these Oofed up monsters? I did not expect the Urination, Scatology though.


Is this game just a survival/time trial, or does it have some semblance of a story? I’ve not met any other characters like the screenshots and unlocked sketches suggest I will.