[RPG] Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade + Append v.1.02 [Complete Edition / Multi-Language]

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Circle: ONEONE1/DLsite
Release: Sep/28/2018
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Lots of White Cream/Juices, Cross-section View, Pure Love, Outdoor Exposure, Corrupted Morals

Additional Notes And FAQ:

[spoiler]1) This is the Steam version of the game. The latest official bug fix, 1.02, has been added, as well as the Adult patch (28th September 2018). I cracked it. The community still reports bugs. One route might be unavailable until it gets fixed (Getting expelled from school bug may still be present). As the Steam version continues being updated with patches and bug fixes, I will update the links here.

2) It’s possible that your old saves won’t work with this version. I’m not 100% sure about that but I recommend starting a new game just to be safe.

3) User Ghostrun has informed me that the game gives you the code ‘aooniakaoni’ when you finish it and that it might be relevant for future updates. I’m posting it here just in case. EDIT: It’s apparently the password for the CG archive.

4) People on STEAM are reporting that the “Getting expelled from school” bug has been fixed by the 1.02 update. but only if starting a new game. Old saves (1.00 & 1.01) won’t work. Unsure if it’s true.

5) When you start the game you will be greeted by ONEONE1’s logo. It will be a white background with their logo on it. You have to press ENTER or perhaps the ‘Z’ key in order to proceed because if you don’t, it will just stay like that forever. Some people have complained about getting stuck there (although I can’t believe they didn’t think about trying to press ENTER) so that’s why I’m adding this note.

6) The translation is pretty decent this time. An actual person was hired to translate this by ONEONE1 themselves. Quite a shocker.

7) For those of you who are having the issue of the game starting in windowed mode and being too small, you can try the following:

Option 1 – Start the game, press F1 and make sure the the option ‘Launch in Full Screen’ is selected. Close the game and start it again.

Option 2 – Hold the ALT key and then press the ENTER key.

8) Those of you who want to change the language of the game from English to Chinese or Simplified Chinese, delete the ‘language.rvdata’ file and start the game. The language select screen should show up first.

9) This game is not linear not is it very straight forward. There are a lot of little things you can do to influence the unlocking of all events, depending on the choices you make in the story and the events you partake it. If you were unable to unlock a desired feature “Loosing virginity, getting pregnant etc.” it’s most likely due to you not doing the things those features require to unlock .

10) When a walkthrough for this game turns up I will post it here.

11) A walkthrough has turned up. However, it’s fully in Japanese. If and when an English version becomes available I will upload it here.



This game product has its append patch pre-applied.
Language selectable: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
Please note that this game product does NOT contain the Japanese version.

[Genre] A Multi Ending Adult Only RPG

10 Endings
137 base CG (63 CG + 58 battle animations + 18 from the append patch)
55+ Erotic Scenes
60+ SEX-able NPCs

Battle: Side View Animated Battle
Self Destruction: Implemented (unlocked after clearing the game)
Clothing Removal: Implemented (possible after a certain event)
Voice ON / OFF Toggle: Implemented
Virgin Play: Can play through the entire game as a virgin.
Cross-section cuts ON / OFF Toggle: Implemented

Contains a flow chart showing how to complete the game (if needed)
* Contains spoilers so be careful before looking!!


* A great variation of H Scenes.
The usual violation that occurs upon being defeated…
reluctantly following orders, exhibitionist play on your own accord,
lesbian play, being night prowled when staying at the inn,
united with your beloved, etc etc. There are many scenes to enjoy!

Not only the protagonist but all female characters with pose art
have erotic scenes for you to use as you please! 😉

* Special focus placed on the H system and situations

01: Deflowered by a ruffian
02: Taken control of body and r*ped
03: R*ped and losing her reward
04: Gangbanged by ogres
05: R*ped by tentacled demon
06: Sudden kiss at the night before a decisive battle
07: First love
08: The heroine turns into a slut
09: Pissing in a restroom
10: Ruler’s sex toy
11: Masturbation in an inn
12: Can’t help doing it under the effect of aphrodisiac
13: Toyed with by a financial supporter of the academy
14: R*ped by a treasure hunter
15: Sexual hospitality
16: Seduction in the guise of a prostitute
17: Captivated by sex as a grudge fades away
18: Exhibitioning walking
19: The dark side of the academy
20: Penalty
21: Daily life that can’t be changed
22: Nothing lasts forever: Woman drowned in sex
23: ESPer producer machine
24: Punishing loser
25: Impregnated by monster and birthing
26: Sexual services at a night bar
27: Outdoor sex orgy
28: Taking a rich boy’s virginity
29: Mating with an orc in an interspecies sex exhibition
30: Milking machine
31: Brainwash & Machine r*pe
32: Seducing a minister and killing him
33: Sex drive goes out of control for days
34: Reverse harem
35: The ogre finally descends into…
36: Life as sexual cattle
37: Re-educating loser
38: R*ped on her own will after defeated
39: Lety’s seduction
40: Let’s style – Sex is a fun thing to do
41: Captured and tormented by a mad woman
42: Secret meeting with a financial supporter
43: Dominatrix trains her slave
44: Recycle as a cumdump
45: R*pe incident in the academy
46: The end of a dumped girl
47: The reason behind the loss of the emotion
48: Crucified and then…
49: How to use losers
50: Anal sex in a cottage
51: Taking a mayor’s son’s virginity!
52: Assaulted at night in a lawless town
53: Assaulted in an outdoor shower room
54: Falling into a pitfall, then…
55: Sneaking into men’s section of a public bath

– Erotic Parameters
(like lewdness, mouth / p*ssy / anal experience and sensuality)
– Erotic Situations will change based on the above parameters!
– Erotic conversations with NPCs! Not only sexual harassment
but erotic acts, prostitution, drugged up f*ckfests and more!
– There are many possible opponents and patterns that can take
place for the protagonists first time sexual experience.
Will it be consensual? Violation? Human? A monster?
Her beloved? Or perhaps… even her very own hand…?
(The choice is yours, the power is in your fingertips.)

* Pregnancy and birthing situations
As the story proceeds, the protagonist can become pregnant.
In battle erotic attacks can cause this. Depending on her parameters
and what time of the month, the probability of insemination changes.
(There are items and equipment that can prevent this.)

After giving birth, the protagonist will be capable of lactating
and selling her own milk in the slums in exchange for money.

* 3 different routes and 10 different endings!
Normal (Pure Love) Route: Stay a virgin and be united with your beloved.
Branch School (Prostitution) Route: Do as you are ordered, slut.
Corruption Route: Upon becoming evil, you can kill NPCs as you please.

* Battles are 1vs1 style (even if they appear as multiple opponents)
* Battles are symbol encounters (no random battles when you don’t want them)
* This “Automatic Defeat System” is back (on popular demand!)
* Easy to play system with…
erotic scene reminiscence, CG gallery, H animation playback,
message skip, voice ON / OFF toggle, BGM / SE / ME volume adjustment,
text message log, auto text mode, window obscuring, difficulty adjustment,
already witnessed scene skipping, H animation in battle ON / OFF toggle,
H animation speed adjustment, cross-section cuts ON / OFF toggle
User-Friendly Features IMPLEMENTED!


* This game product contains RPG TKool VX Ace RTP
so there is no need to download the RTP to play this game.


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