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Circle: nagiyahonpo
Release: May/19/2015
Work Format: RPG
Last Modified: Sep/06/2018
Genre: Shota, Foot Job, Internal Cumshot, Orgy Sex, Woman Rapes Man, Submissive Man

* AUGUST 30th 2018 – Updated to English Translated Version!
[DLsite Official English Translation]

* Story

Kapel was just another guy in a little village.
When he pledged his love to a local girl, she rejected him.

Muttering at his disadvantage Kapel said out loud,

“It sure would be nice if I were the only guy in the world.”

Someone heard his words… and granted his wish.

Kapel was now the last man on earth.
Women went into a frenzy in his presence.
Wicked women hoped to catch him.
Sex-crazy marauders leaped at his loins.

The world was a very dangerous place now. Even just trying to sleep at the inn…

Is this what Kapel wanted? What will happen now?

* Game

Standard turn-based RPG battles with menu commands.
Multiple endings / Parameters affect which ending you get.

Except for Kapel, everyone is female, even the monsters.

* Ecchi

Reverse r*pe (woman r*pes man) harem style.

* Guild

Kapel can improve his rank and assign guild points.
(There is a secret guild and prostitution events.)

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Because I got many requests for this game coming in and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I end up buying it myself from DLsite for you guys. This’s why patreon support is important. Support us if you can 🙂

Derek Lalone

The fact you went out of your way to buy it, it really says something man. You’re awesome.

Alex D

is any1 else getting stuck at the guild … i cant advance there when i try asking about the permit and the npc’s finish wispering it just stops there …no chatbox or anything ..cant even get to the menu


Thanks for your generosity. I personally don’t think there are enough femdom type games, especially not translated in English.

Alex D

yeah i did and im restarting to check aswell tnx 4 the notion :d

Alex D

yeah i did and im restarting to check aswell tnx 4 the notion

Kerv A

I finished it in about 2 1/2-3hrs. straight but I’m still lacking 1 last CG “https://prnt.sc/kw2zza” anyone know where could i find it?
Its a decent game fap-san, even going your way buy it for others, thank you, you are awesome


does the link still work?


the does the link still work? i cant download