[ACT] Battle Raper II: The Game + Sexy Raper DLC [English UI]

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Release: 2005
Work Format: Action
Genre: Adult, Anime / Manga, Fighting, Versus Fighting

Dialogues still in Japanese

1. Extract the file
2. Mount the ISO file and Intall the game
3. Apply noDVD patch in the “Battle Raper 2 [eng][noDVD][noRegion]” folder (Read instruction inside)
4. Play!
Sexy Raper and other DLC located in “Sexy-Raper” folder. Install them if you want (Read instruction inside)

Battle Raper II is a weapon-based 3D fighting game in which the players are able to knock female opponents’ clothing off. Every character has unlimited guard, a move that can not be blocked, as well as a super move. The game also features a variety of alternative clothing items and weapons for all the characters that can be used to edit their models.

The game includes a single-player story mode, a multiplayer mode, and an Extras mode which is unlocked after finishing the storyline. As opposed to the first Battle Raper, the sequel actually does not feature rape but only consensual sex.[9] Once a fight against a female character is won, the game enters a special mode where the unconscious woman lies on the ground in front of the player who now has to heal her wounds. The Replay mode allows the player to have sex with a chosen female character.

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cannot open file or no archive found..




The game is extremely laggy on my computer any idea on how to fix this?