[RPG] Genius Rookie Adventurer – The Fall to Miserable Slavery [English]

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Circle: 路満
Released: Jun/07/2023
Translator: hentify~
Language: English (ChatGPT-4)
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Female Protagonist, Fantasy, Outdoor Exposure, Shame / Humiliation, Ordered / Compelled, Dub-con, Urination / Peeing
File size: 158.12 MB

A short RPG focusing on embarrassing situations where an adventurer girl is forced to follow orders and humiliated!!
Irene was living a smooth sailing life as a genius adventurer, however, she was caught in a trap by a lower-ranking adventurer who had made a grudge against her, and was put under a spell of forced servitude.
As a result, Irene was unable to resist orders, and was forced to follow all sorts of embarrassing orders.​

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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Not much of a game. It’s basically a straight line from start to finish and you, the player, take the MC from point A to point B, a thing happens with no input from you, then you go from point B to point C. I played for about 20 minutes and in that time didn’t have to make any choices or do anything game-like other than guiding the character to the next destination.

Boring game is boring.