[VN] Trap Yuri Garden [JP-EN-CH]

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Developer: No Strike
Publisher: Eroge Japan, Sanuk Inc.
Released: 10 Jun, 2024
Work Format: Visual Novel
Genre: Adventure, Animated, Gay, Groping, Handjob, Humor, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Romance, School Setting, Teasing, Trap, Virgin, Voiced
File Size: 2.5 GB

Traps in motion at long last!

Trap series creators Aogiri Penta and Nishida Hajime bring us another exciting title that is more animated and more gorgeous than ever! A cross-dressing yuri love story that will shatter its readers sense of values into a thousand pieces!
This is the private school known as Ayanohara Academy.
A secluded flower garden where refined young traps from affluent families known as “he-iresses”, come to form sisterly bonds and allow their quasi-yuri romances to flourish…
Despite cross-dressing being a venerated practice at the school, the main character Iori, a trap from an unaffluent background, refuses to do so invoking the wrath of the rigidly austere and stunningly beautiful student council president Mikage.

The volatile dude-butante drama between these two blossoms into into a full-on trap yuri romance, then soon becomes a forbidden love in more ways than one!

Iori Kido
“This whole school is twisted!”

The MC with a hidden talent for cross-dressing.
The protagonist of this work. At first, she thought cross-dressing didn’t suit her and that she didn’t belong at this school. However, her natural propensity for it blossoms when various circumstances lead to her needing to cross-dress as a means for survival.
She soon becomes the envy of her peers, and even earns the nickname “The Goddess of Black Camellia”.

Unknown to Iori herself, her natural proficiency at being a trap unintentionally sparks a romantic drama that goes far beyond her wildest expectations.

Mikage Ayanohara *The main heroine of this game!
“You don’t belong in my school.”

The elegant yet black-hearted wealthy heiress.
A powerful presence even among the many affluent families that attend Ayanohara Academy, she is a member of the elite family that owns and oversees the school’s operation.
Appointed to student body president as a first-year student, The Ayanohara family also appointed her the role of acting administrator to further enhance her higher education. She was given the nickname “White Lily Fairy” for her stunningly cute and beautiful trap appearance.

Reona Murasaki
“That’s just how things are here, Iori.”
The always helpful companion and prince character.
Since he does not cross-dress like the other students, he is considered an anomalous presence at Ayanohara academy just like Iori is. However, his aristocratic status and overflowing charisma allows him to occupy a unique prince-like role at the school. He enjoys a great deal of popularity among the students, and is a good friend to Iori that helps her out in every way he can.

Mahiro Senjuin
“S’totally wack, Paisen.”
The delinquent gyaru he-iress.
Asuka’s younger sister. Not brother, sister. Rejects the established traditions of her strict buttoned-up family. She doesn’t particularly want to dress as a woman, so she chooses to dress as a delinquent one as a form of passive protest. Refuses to accept the notion that cross-dressing actually suits her, and denies the fact that her choice of attire makes her look like a cute gyaru.

Asuka Senjuin
“I will not hold back when it comes to flaunting my money and power! ♪”
The he-iress in radiant curls.
Possesses an immense pride for her family lineage that frequently becomes a point of contention between her and Mikage. She leads an extra-curricular student organization called the “Friendship Sorority” as a form of direct political opposite to the Student Council led by Mikage. She is often referred to as “Empress of the Rose Garden”. Cross-dressing is part of her family tradition, and she embraces it gleefully.

Shizuka Kiriyama
“I am a responsible and mature adult~! Please don’t treat me like I’m a kid~!”
The childlike teacher.
Iori and Reona’s homeroom teacher. She is popular among students for her cute un-teacher-like appearance, and is doted on by everyone she meets.

Visual novel game where you click to proceed through the story.
Utilizes E-mote to add dynamic emotional expressions to 2D character illustrations.
Gallery mode for viewing in-game CGs.
2-4 hours of playtime

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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I continue to receive a message when attempt to open the vn. Script exception raised cannot load plugin windowEx.dll. Please tell me what I need to do to.