[RPG] Croix X Scramble ver.1.08 [English]

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Circle: ninjinpasta
Released: Mar/31/2024
Translator: DazedAnon
Language: English (ChatGPT-4)
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Petite, Sleep Sex, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Violation, Shame / Humiliation, Sharing is caring, Trance / Suggestion, Big Breasts
File size: 1.11 GB

The PATCH will contain the latest updates and fixes to the game. It is not optional.
To Download and apply the Github Patch.
1. Extract files from patch to game folder. Replace All.

She is “S-class Agent” Tsukikage Croix.

A trump card and highest-ranking ability user of the special agency “LUNA”.
One day, she is ordered to take on a VIP protection mission.
Croix goes about her mission as usual, but suddenly, a man in a black suit with an ominous aura attacks.
Croix, helpless before an enemy who neutralizes every attack, suffers defeat.
Called to the command room, Croix is held responsible for the mission’s failure, stripped of her S-class license, and ordered to be reassigned to the countryside.
Having lost her prestigious position, Croix is determined to seek revenge against the mysterious man who brought her down and to climb her way back to being an S-class agent.

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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This is basically Magical Girl Celesphonia but over simplified.
You will find a few places that is basically empty or inaccessible for the ‘future content’.
In short, this game may have been released incomplete.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent game with very good CG and it’s worth a try. But you’ll need to wait for a few updates for complete experience.


the amount of content per time is really low. This is like story mode game, just dialogs and storyline quests like “go to school” and after “go to base”. And for all the time there was just two H-Scenes. (first 30 minutes of gameplay)


Wall of text review.

Character artwork is really good. It probably carries this game alone. Croix has an amazing body and there’s a secondary loli character, Aroma, whose also just a good in the visual department if that’s your preference.

Combat is your standard turn base RPG. Very basic but it feels very clean and balanced unlike many other hentai RPGs. There are loss events and they do provide you with a self damaging ability to speed up getting them. No sex mechanics during fights and only 2 art poses during battle: her regular pose and her damaged clothing pose.

As for the hentai content, felt the game lacked hentai CGs early on. There’s an okay amount of h-events but a lot reuse CGs but say with her in a different outfit and the issue is she really only has 2 outfits the entire game you get to use. There’s a sleepwear she has but it’s not used for anything but for sleeping. It was a bit disappointing completing an h-event only to see the same CG from another event just in a different outfit. Because of a bug issue (posted further down), I did eventually just go through the files to see the CG and it seems a lot of the the good stuff is at the end.

Hentai content, nothing lovey dovely, all molest/assault/rape related. Pretty much all the male characters during the hentai events are portrayed as fat/ugly bastards. A lot of the unique ones are loss events and the side event ones are common events you often see like being molested while riding the train, being drugged asleep by some random teacher or getting progressively hypnotized. After an early point, you can switch between the female lead and the loli to explore in-between each story chapter.

There is a apparently an impregnation feature but nothing really ever happens from it. Got the female lead pregnant from a random event and nothings happened despite many days of sleeping to see anything changes. The loli does have an event though.

As for bugs, as of playing (v1.08). I have had event triggers glitch out and not respond so I had to change maps/characters to bring them back but on the chapter 7, after entering the school and watching the story events, I was unable to leave the map. Did notice certain characters’ were not spawning in like Yuna or the teacher during the story cutscene. While quick travel was usable still, the map triggers weren’t there so couldn’t leave the school. Never found a way to fix this so never finished the game. Also sometimes certain characters were not where the EV bubble was located. The in-game tips for locating the h-events is untranslated which forced me to use a visual translator.

Overall, it would have been nice to finish it but I couldn’t because of the bug. Would have really liked more h-events/cg. The school must have taken a lot of time to make but so little of it was used. Artwork was the best thing about the game for me.

tl;dr. Character art is very good. Easy combat. Potential game breaking bug that prevents you from finishing last chapter.

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