[ADV] Can I Call You Mommy ~Till I Become Your Baby~ [English] (PC-Android)

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Released: May/11/2023
Work Format: Adventure
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Diaper, Peeing Oneself, Shame / Humiliation, No Penetrative Sex
File size: 678.26 MB

[About Game]
ABDL adventure game about a serious girl who is gradually turned back into a baby.

This is a simple ADV game in which one choice splits the story into two different endings.

Windows PC and android device.

[Story Summary]
Ichika, a girl in the pharmacy department of a university, was busy balancing her daily studies with a part-time job to earn money for university fees.
She was in danger of one day having to stay in university.

Then she hears a story about a friend of hers who made a lot of money with a secret part-time job.

Ichika’s family is a single parent and she has younger siblings, so if she were to stay in university, it would cause problems for her family…with this in mind, she accesses a website where secret part-time jobs are listed.

On the website, she sees an offer from a woman for “500,000 yen for two weeks of play,” and decides that if the play partner is a woman…she will take her up on the offer.

[Number of event stills]
There are 16 basic event stills.
Including facial expressions and pose differences, there are over 300 stills.

[Sample Situations]
Pee in the diaper
Shave pubic hair
Drinking milk from a baby bottle
Crawling training
Being fed in a highchair
Taking a walk in a stroller
And more…

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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Link 2

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