[SLG] Conquest of the maid [English]

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Circle: TwoMan
Release: Apr/17/2018
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Anime, Toy, Girl, Maid, Internal Cumshot
File Size: 17.3MB

A little game about a man and his android maid!

– Master, is this enough to explain?
– Shut up, I know better than you how to advertise my game!
– Oh, really, but I think you can’t sell anything either.
– Shut up! I’m a man and I know what to do! Or do you think I’m not a man?!
– Again your ego master. I am already tired.
– Hey!
…. An interesting story about their relationship and other things.

– 6 basic animations (which are divided into 3 stages) as well as more than 10 additional animations!
– 6 HCG

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kai zo

well i pressed every button after the first line of opening dialogue and nothing happens. dont you love games where you slide your finger across EVERY KEY ON YOUR KEYBOARD and still nothing happens?
its 2019 and some devs cant figure out that noone wants this retarded shit???
not to mention i have a german keyboard. so i might have to press some key that i need to hold shift or alt gr for. GENIUS DEVS!!!