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Circle: Anmitsuya
Released: Jan/21/2022
Translator: DazedAnon
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Female Protagonist, Clothes Changing / Dress up, Fantasy, Yuri / Girls Love, Violation, Naughty / Lewd, Interspecies Sex, Virgin Female
File size: 1004.21 MB

The PATCH will contain the latest updates and fixes to the game. Install It.
Download and apply the Github Patch.
1. Extract files from patch to game folder and replace all.
2. Run Game

Our story takes place in a world different from our own.
Flora is a schoolgirl attending an all-girls school in the city.
One day, she is suddenly assaulted by a monster, and saved at the last moment by an otherworldly heroine named Lize.
Why was she attacked? What was that monster?

Flora will soon find herself travelling to the floating world of Madoneya to combat a great danger.
During her journey, she’ll have to find the strength hidden within her, and become the Warrior of Light she is destined to be!

– Flora and Lize
Flora is a regular girl of a carefree upbringing, who finds out she is actually a Warrior of Light that must face a great danger.
Lize is a magical Maiden of Light tasked with supporting the great Warrior of Light.

– Madoneya
A floating world that connects countless other worlds together.
Flora will be adventuring in this world.

– The Null
An event said to bring destruction to all worlds.
It’s said a great magician once prevented this disaster from occurring, but details are scarce.

– Combat System
Flora and Lize can only depend on each other as they fight their enemies!
Damage dealt in combat can rip and tear clothing until the characters are completely nude.
Defeat doesn’t spell game over, but you might lose some money, or worse, your virginity…
Watch out for bondage and H attacks!

– Dress-up
The game contains 5 costumes, 8 hair accessories, and 8 panty options to dress-up Flora and Lize with.
The options are mostly shared between characters, and reflect in combat, dialog, walking graphics,
and some event CG.

– Genres
Genres include interspecies, gangbang, prostitution, cucking, cumdumpery, hypnosis, sleep sex,
lesbian, shota, egg-laying, ass-in-the-wall, petrification, etc.

– Content
50 base CG excluding pose art
800+ CG total
130+ H scenes
Reminiscence Room and in-battle cut-ins included.

– New Game Plus
Stats, equipment, unlocks, items, costumes, etc. can all be carried over to new games.
Beating the game once allows you to fully unlock the Reminiscence Room if you wish.

– Other
* Text skip, text speed toggle, window toggle included
* 5 difficulty levels to choose from in the options
* Button configuration for gamepads included.

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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