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Circle: CARYO
Released: Oct/26/2018
Translator: ell_123
Product format: Visual Novel
Genre: Cross-section View, Transforming Girl, Violence, Twin Tail, Tsurupeta
File size: 409.64 MB

Our protagonist called “Queen” who was given a superhuman power
by means of body modification is targeted by evil creatures
because of her unique physical characteristics.

So-called fiends, people modified in the same way as Queen,
stalk her in order to mate with her and leave offspring.

Queen cannot live in peace without killing all fiends.
Through fighting fiends, however, there arise many obstacles like fiends’
immortal bodies, strong aphrodisiac pheromone, mind-breaking intense sex and…

Do not succumb to defeats and violations!

* The theme is “Fighting Heroine”!
The heroine wearing a risque battle suit stands against
fiends who are several times bigger than her.

* Heroine’s Physical Characteristics Leads Herself to defeats, succumbing and…
The heroine can’t stop getting horny because of her own pheromone
that is peculiar to modified people. Is she capable of staying sane
when with the feminine instinct instilled in her mind…!?

* Lots of Cut-ins Spice Up the Scenes!
H scenes come with cut-ins that depict X-ray view of genitals.
Attacks, damages and light ryona/physical violence stuff
are also shown in battle scenes.

* The Heroine Is Fully Voiced!
The heroine “Queen” is fully voiced.
Please enjoy Rio Kisaka’s passionate voice acting
ranging from her daily life to hardcore H scenes.

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