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From what many of you may already know, our blog currently has several bugs, and I haven’t found a way to fix them yet. In the meantime, there will be some temporary changes to continue using the blog:

1. Blog registration is now temporarily disabled for the public.
However, for those who wish to register an account, please send an email to fffcontactmail@gmail.com with the following details and I will create an ID for you.


Then you can edit your first/last name or change your password at the Profile Setting on the left sidebar later.

2. You still can support me on Pixiv and BMC as usual. After supporting me, please send an email to fffcontactmail@gmail.com with your Pixiv username and your username on the FFF blog, and I will upgrade your account for you.

3. For 20$+ supporters, The password to access premium post will be sent via email.

Ps. For discord members, you can DM me there instead of email.
Join our Discord Server

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Ship hapens bro <3

at least the side is still working HAHA


WordPress auto updates ruin everything


Yeah its annoying to not begin able to search by category
hopefully wont last long