[RPG] Deathzone Gunsweeper ver.1.2G [English]

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Circle: T-ENTA-P
Released: Aug/19/2023
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Clothes Changing / Dress up, Anime, Shrine Maiden, Sister / Nun, Horror, Rape, Urination / Peeing, Cum Swallowing
File size: 359.5 MB

The Death Zone, a city infested with ghost zombies!

The Death Zone, a city infested with ghost zombies, where you must exterminate the attacking enemies, solve the mystery of what caused the outbreak, and rescue the survivors of the research facility!

Live2D is used to move standing pictures, sex scenes, etc.

The English version is primarily machine translated.

[Game Contents]
A team from GEC, a ghost extermination company, visits at the request of a certain country in Eastern Europe where zombie and ghost outbreaks have occurred.

The request was to rescue Dr. Kim, who is holed up in a virus research facility, or to secure the memory containing she research data.

Weapons, armor, and other items are scattered throughout the city due to the sabotage of an evil spirit that suddenly stands in front of the team.
The team must investigate the town, which has been transformed into a “death zone,” recover lost items, and exterminate zombies and ghosts with “spell bullets,” special semen-coated bullets, to uncover the truth behind the incident.

If you are defeated or surrender to a lustful enemy, they may attack you as an outlet for their lust and infect you with the zombie virus…
If you are infected, you can be cured by drinking fresh semen from a member who has been inoculated with an antidote vaccine.

Because the male member’s perverted pranks cause him to pee closer than normal, inoculation of beverages or food often necessitates a trip to the bathroom.
If they cannot make it in time, they may pee on the spot.

Wet panties can be exchanged for new ones by purchasing new ones.
The exchanged wet panties become part of the male member’s collection and can be used for masturbation or worn by the male member.

The city is dotted with capsule toys, which are subject to collection by members.
To play the capsule toys, you will need special coins that can be found in the city.

[the characters]

Aki Shijo

Attack Personnel
Age 23, 166cm B88 W62 H85
She was working part-time at a maid cafe in Akiba when she was scouted by Dr. Daichin of GEC.

She is an anime lover and goes out to Akiba early in the morning when she is free.
She is a regular customer at the anime specialty store “Anime Men’s,” and always goes to all the branches in Tokyo.

She is an otaku who always carries “Anidi,” an anime information magazine distributed at “Anime Men’s.”
Her favorite gun is a Glock 18.


Sylvie Dufour

Backup Personnel
Age 23, 157cm B83 W56 H79
She is a former nun from France.
She is crazy about Japanese instant ramen and learned Japanese in order to understand how to make it in more detail.

When she came to Japan to buy instant ramen, she was recruited by Dr. Daichin of GEC.

She is also known as the “Deathtar” because of her ability to make ghosts disappear through psychic prayer.


Tomomi Yotsubishi

Backup Personnel
Age 22, 152cm B77 W52 H78
She is a priestess of the Yotsubishi Shrine, a place of great spiritual significance.
She has a strong sense of inspiration, and contributes to the team by creating various card.

Dr. Daichin of GEC, who came to visit the shrine, bought his powerful psychic abilities and scouted she out.

She has a faint crush on her brother, a technical researcher who works at the same company.


Masuta Seishi

Technical Researcher
47 years old, 160 cm.
He is a perverted middle-aged man who is preoccupied with sex and the idol group of porn stars, “Shin Moningu Manko 5”.

When he was masturbating in the waiting room of a soapland, he was scouted by Dr. Daichin of GEC.

He is called “Master” because his hand goes right to his crotch and he starts masturbating in his spare time, which is a combination of his family name, Masuta, and masturbation.

Sep/11/2023 – Bug fixes
Fixed a bug when using genital replacement card.

Sep/05/2023 – Bug fixes, Miscellaneous
Fixing of defects.
Please refer to readme or HP for details.

Sep/01/2023 – Bug fixes
Fixed a problem caused by Sylvie’s equipment.

Aug/29/2023 – Bug fixes
Fixing of defects.
Please refer to readme or HP for details.

Aug/25/2023 – Bug fixes
Fixed some bugs.
Please refer to the readme for details.

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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there is a bug on this game, when you do for shooting 5 bullets de game fail to charge the folder
the error code is: effect/ShootBarrage%20-%20%E3%82%B3%E3%93%94%E3%83%BC.efkefc


Has it’s issues, seems to be rather straightforward, but overall a fun and sexy game.

Also, has some sweet music! The title-screen theme is like a blend of The Last of Us with Starcraft 2.