[RPG] OVER‧DeviL: Legend of the sacred stone [EN-CH-Uncen]

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Developer: 大肘子
Publisher: Mango Party
Released: 13 Oct, 2023
Game Format: RPG
Genre: female protagonist, big ass, big tits, teasing, adventure, fantasy, monster, milf, lesbian, groping, monster girl, turn-based combat, anal sex, vaginal sex, rape, humor, creampie, animated, prostitution, BDSM, group sex, oral sex, handjob, lactation, futa, transformation, sex toys, humiliation, urination, multiple penetration, multiple endings
File Size: 1.63 GB

Long, long ago, the terrible Over Devil was defeated by the eight Chosen Ones, each wielding one of eight Sacred Artifacts. This brought nearly a century of peace to the land.

One day, the eight Sacred Artifacts, which were supposed to have disappeared along with the Over Devil, reappear as Sacred Stones—an omen of the Over Devil’s imminent return!

Far from the empire, in a port village located on the border, Lola recovers her mother’s gemstone from thieving pirates only to realize that it is one of the eight Sacred Stones. Why was her mother in possession of this legendary stone? With some encouragement from a new friend, Lillane, she sets out on an adventure to collect the rest of the stones and hopefully find out about her missing mother.

Will they collect the Sacred Stones, defeat the Over Devil, and save the world? Or will they use their new-found power to destroy it, instead? That’s up to you, as you venture forth in this naughty story of adventure and hardcore fun.

Dive deep into the lore in this epic, masterfully-crafted JRPG
Interact with more than 60 lovingly-crafted characters. Besides common NPCs, all characters have their own unique portrait.
Outskill the enemy in turn-based battles, where energy points are used to enhance your character. Build a balanced party to harness the unique skills and battle styles of each main character.
Listen! The main storyline is supplemented with voice acting for battles, and a variety of other titillating sounds are voice acted as well.
Peruse 190 sets of basic CGs, with no repeated CGs or storylines and tons of porn content… Whatever you’re into, we’ve got it!
Watch unique storylines after winning or losing boss battles and live with the wonderful/terrible consequences!
Enjoy the plethora of animated H-scenes!

The story has two different endings, and thus unfolds in two very different ways. Based on the player’s choices, each main character can evolve into various final versions of themselves.

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How to change to Chinese?


Game is very weak and horribly unbalanced. You either deal oneshots on the absolute lowest difficulty, or you can get quickly taken out by any other difficulty, even easy.

Also, hope you weren’t looking for the MC to get any action cause Lola has basically one scene and that’s her getting fingered

Also, the description lies about animated scenes. There’s NONE.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kazuka13

pls add new version, new patch on steam fix all bugs


My wall of text. Game looked really good at first but very quick to show its messy quality. Feels like they tried for too many things only for it to be mediocre in the end. Artwork is incredibly inconsistent. Some of it feels like AI art, some are probably modified stock and many seem like drawn by different artists. The main girls at least look good. The hentai scenes were just standard CGs with variations. There’s a decent amount throughout the game but suffer the same problem as already mention, inconsistent artstyles. Barely any with the female lead, I think… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Silver1

I feel this is pretty good first attempt of trying to bring depth and meaningful story to standard RPGmaker game, I found myself playing this for over 30 hours for doing all 2 routes, while the art kinda inconsistent and problem with english localization like for example Lola actually Laura and is it Tsuradella or Lucifer (actually same character but slightly different sprites) the story is pretty compelling to follow at least in the A route and kinda doesnt make sense in B route, will actually even better if they hire competent translator for it, I would rate it as… Read more »