The Corrupting Train Feel-Up of a Strong-Willed Girl [English] (PC-Android)

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Circle: Yugenokiri
Released: Apr/20/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Totally Happy, Touch / Feel, Anime, 3D Works, Sailor-style Uniform, Train, Internal Cumshot, Molestation
File size: 500.21 MB

Meet a hot girl on the train and feel her up until she starts feeling good
in this 3D-animated train molestation simulation game!

*Voices AND speech bubbles!*
Moans are displayed on-screen as you hear them!
Both speech bubbles and audio can be toggled on and off. Create the scene that you want!

*Piece-by-Piece Stripping*
Her skirt, her uniform top, her bra, her panties… you can take them all off individually!
Strip her up top or down below, you can have sex with her either way.

*Low DIfficulty*
Too much touching won’t get you a Game Over. You can go at your own pace,
and if you repeat an action you’ll get to the penetration pretty fast! It’s great for when you want to get off quickly.

*Text from the Girl’s POV*
The text is all HER thoughts and feelings. Even the dirty words…
You’ll get all the naughtiness without any of that pesky male voiceover.

4 base CGs, 9 touching animations along with variations for different stages of undress.
And you can enjoy it all on a budget!

The animations may be a bit hard on your PC, so if you don’t have decent specs it may run a little slowly.
The Android version is especially prone to lag issues, so please confirm compatibility via the trial version.

*Audio Material Credits*
Tiger Lily
Assault & Pure Love Erotic Game Voice Creator Kit Revo (CV: Momoka Yuzuki)

A sort of tough girl with a much stronger sex drive than her peers. Her default expression is a little bitchy, and her serious, strong-willed personality means she’s not close with many people. She had her sexual awakening rather early and has been masturbating for years, so she’s gotten quite good at hiding it.

She recently got her first boyfriend, but after they had sex for the first time (though she’d already broken her hymen herself), he told her he couldn’t keep up with her powerful sex drive and stubbornness.
(At her boyfriend’s request, she’s done handjobs, blowjobs, missionary, cowgirl, and other usual stuff like that, but it didn’t feel that great since neither of them had much experience. There wasn’t much foreplay, either.)

It was far from the ideal first time she’d imagined every night while touching herself, and he felt the same. And told her as much. That really got to her, and she was quite depressed about it.

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