[3D Hentai] The Case of Marin Kisaragi [Playing Hero with Her Brother, Part 1]

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如月まりんの場合[お兄ちゃんとヒロピンごっこ 前編]

Circle: @OZ
Released: Sep/03/2023
Product format: Video
File format: Application
Genre: Fetish, Abnormal / Perverted, Anime, 3D Works, Loli, Younger Sister, Transforming Girl, Tsurupeta
File size: 648.08 MB

Marin Kisaragi’s Case [Playing with Her Older Brother, Part 1]
Marin Kisaragi’s Case [Playing with Her Older Brother, Part 1].
This product is the first part.
There is no sex scene.

What is @OZ Hero Pin Gokko series?
It is a series that expresses reality and fiction with slideshow movies and 3DCG movies.
The real world is represented by a slideshow of still images,
The fictional world is represented by a super beautiful 3DCG movie.
Or, we have cute girls wear costumes without any boundary between reality and fiction,
The story of various adult play is shown with still pictures, text, cute voices, and video.
You can read, listen to, and watch the stories with still pictures, text, cute voices, and videos.

The first work is
Marin Kisaragi’s Case [Playing with Heroine and Her Brother Part 1].

Marin and her sister Marin, who is in costume, set up a story and play various adult games.
Marin and her sister Marin in cosplay set up a story and play various adult games [Gokko play].
Tonight’s story was supposed to be about Justy Marin, the warrior of light.
But the story my brother created was about Justy Marin being blamed and defeated.
Justy Marin is blamed and defeated.
He was bewildered by his older brother’s unusual and erotic blame, but he tried his best to get through it.
[Marin is puzzled by her big brother’s eroticism, but she tries her best to keep up with his playful play.
However, even while she was coming, she kept climaxing over and over again due to the relentless torture that continued,
Marin’s little body sinks into the bed exhausted.
And then…

You can enjoy a variety of play angles in the all-play play screen.

◎Movie Select & Edit function allows you to
You can easily edit your favorite movies with just a click.
You can enjoy your own original movies.

Slideshow screen allows you to view still images of the real world
You can view a slideshow of still images from the real world with sound without clicking on the slideshow screen.

Select & Edit function
Sound effects are available.
The character voice is by [Seiju Fun], who pouts sadly.

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