[2D Hentai] School Rules Conversion Erotic App (Motion Animation Version)

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Circle: UGO
Released: Sep/04/2021
Product format: Video
File format: MP4
Genre: Abnormal / Perverted, Uniform, Internal Cumshot, Masturbation, Urination / Peeing, Anal, Squirting / Gushing, Virgin Female
File size: 1.62 GB

An application for changing school rules was installed on the smartphone of the main character, Detective Tomonashi (しおきじともなし), before he knew it.
Its name is “Hypnos LYNC.

When he taps it to try it out, the school rules in the real world are changed!
With this app, any kind of perverted behavior is allowed, and you can enjoy any kind of perverted devilish play.
You can conquer all the girls in the school! Make full use of the various erotic school rules and get fucked, fucked, fucked!

Examples of erotic school rules
You can enjoy a squirting cum show right in front of your eyes.
The boys can use the girls in the vicinity to dispose of their sexual desires.
When a player has an orgasm, the girls around him can be used as urinals to catch the excrement.
In “Ovulating Virgins,” virgins on the day of ovulation appeal by dripping their pussy juice and ejaculating into the vagina.
The player should always spend time with anal toys in the school. ……etc

They imprint abnormal perverted acts on all the girls in the school and let them fuck as much as they want!
The cute girls’ erotic and perverted plays are fully voiced in this motion comic.

The girls are given a lot of sexy and kinky play, including squirting orgasms, urination play, twisting anal toys, huge dildo play, and much more!
Please enjoy the lukewarm motion comic version as well.

22:08 min.

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