[RPG] Consort Elaine ~My Beloved Must Bed the King for the Sake of the World~ [English]

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Circle: MAZE
Released: Jul/16/2021
Translator: Saikey NTR Studios
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Cuckoldry (Netorare), Ahegao / Gapeface, Internal Cumshot, Blowjob / Fellatio, Big Breasts
File size: 202.16 MB

The war has ended, and Ado and Elaine are marrying soon.
One day, the two receive an summons from the king.
It seems a powerful sprit lord they sealed away long ago is being returned back to power.
In order to defeat it, the heroes of tomorrow must be born.
And thus, Elaine must mate with the King…

Ado and Elaine hatch a plan to escape the confines of the inner palace before Elaine gets gets impregnated, and hunt down the spirit lord.
Ado exhausts MP to progress through events and battles, and must return to the Inn to sleep if it reaches 0.
However, with every day that passes, Elaine also comes closer to the main event with the king.
If Ado doesn’t hurry…

A magician that once aided in sealing the spirit lord.
She’s looking forward to marrying Ado, but the king suddenly requires her assistance

Elaine’s lover, who is conflicted by their respect for the king, and the audacity of the king’s request…

The king’s brother, who has shirked his royal duties in favor of playing around.
Infamous for his lust for women. Elaine in particular catches his eye…

– 30 base CG

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