[VN] The Hero’s Demon-Lord Slave ver.2.0 [English]

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Circle: Yumekakiya
Released: Apr/28/2022
Product format: Visual Novel
Genre: Fantasy, Sexual Bondage, Restraint, Slave
File size: 951.02 MB

An adventure game featuring multiple choices and endings!

After conquering the world, the Demon Lord Animus one day discovered a door to another world. With her servant Lilim in tow, the demon set out to conquer this new world as well. The only problem? She overestimated her own abilities just a little bit too much…

In this new world, she’s unable to use magic, and she and her maid are swiftly captured and sold into slavery. And who bought them, you may ask? Why, none other than that world’s hero…

[Play Time]
Around 2 hours. There is also a skip feature.

18 main CGs (over 100 including variations)

– Bondage
– Gags
– Whipping
– Slave Auction
– Slime teasing
– Wooden Horse
– Water torture
– Upside-down suspension
– Spider silk bondage
– Mummification
…and more!

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