[2D Hentai] KO’shite FUCK’suru 3: FACK THE WORLD!

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エッチドット工房(職人魂3) KOしてFUCKする THE WORLD!

Circle: Hurricane Dot Com
Release: Dec/31/2013
Genre: Rape

Ecchi Dot Graphics VS knockout fighter (movie)!!!1 ON THE WORLD STAGE!!

Taking on a more powerful opponent with even more enthusiastic catch phrases! Let’s go!!!

The opponent of KO’shite FUCK’surure 3 is… Zang*ef

What!? THAT Zang*ef!? Big burly Zang*ef from Soviet Russia!?

Is this going to be a reverse r*pe showdown of epic proportions!!!???


The full movie is 1000×750 size!
Starring 4 recognizable famous heroines:
Ch*n Li, C*mmy (Str**t Fighter), T*fa (Final F*ntasy) and Andr*id #18 (Dr*gon Ball)
Three out of those four get taken down by Zang’s piledriver!

This is not a Fighting Game! It’s an anime.

Voiced by Run Hanami, Ako Byakuya and Siori Manaka

Enjoy the whole thing with one-handed mouse clicks!
Right-click on the dialogue screen to see all dialogue.
Right click on the groping screen to reduce the pleasure meter.

Press E during various screens to skip forward.
Press 1,2,3,4 on the title screen to jump to each character’s groping.
Press Q on the brand screen to access character select.
Press Q on the battle screen to attack during conversation!
Press Q on the ecchi dot graphic scene to skip dialogue.
Press Q during the groping scene to pause BGM (press W to resume).

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