[SLG] Self-defense Dojo: Secret NTR Lesson ver.1.9 + DLC [English]

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護身術道場 秘密のNTRレッスン

Released: Jun/22/2023
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Male Protagonist, Cuckoldry (Netori), Sexual Bondage, Sexual Training, Naughty / Lewd, Squirting / Gushing, Big Breasts
File size: 725.32 MB

A simulation-style H game with a cheeky sense of humor.

Ver 1.9
・Bug fixes
・English version

bug fix

bug fix

Improved the function of Ayano’s house
Added “machine prosthesis” to the black market
Fixed a freeze bug in the movie theater

the freezing issue that occurred during training in the movie theater.

ver 1.65
・Fixed the problem that you can’t enter Mayuko’s house
・Changed some item images in the game, made the current item images more detailed

・Bug fix

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Link 2

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Does this v1.8 includes the DLC?


Whenever I’ve tried to start the game as soon as he says “let’s go inside.” the camera quickly pans off the screen into the black and I can’t do anything. Anyone else have this problem? Happening in both versions.


This game is pretty good. I don’t have the start up issues other people mentioned. My biggest complaint is the grind. Leveling up your Power or Technique takes considerable effort (and eventually money, too). You get free Pow/Tec EXP when beating the Hulk-girl, but she only appears 1 time per week. My advice is to use just brute force the Construction Job and dojo matches with She-Hulk to get tons of money and buy the important items from the Black Market/Convenience Store. Also buy a good fishing rod to exchange for high value items from the fisherman. Once you have… Read more »

When starting a new game, the screen is moving down (leaving the screen black), the same as loading an old save. Does anyone know how to fix this bug?

Cheat engine can’t change the money, but can on the fishing point. click on the lockers outside home for 1.000G click on the bush outside cinema for 1.000G click on the top bush on the mountain for 1.000G click on the barrel at contruction site for 1.000G buy the cheapest fishing rot, talk to the guy on mountain to start fishing, use cheat engine to manipulate the fishing point (max only 999), you need to do this for several times to buy all the good at the convient store and the black market (a guy at contructtion site after dark)… Read more »


Good shit. Has gameplay along the lines of NTRaholic and NTR Legend and the like. H animations are a bit awkward and recycled but overall pretty good. CGs are few but also quite good. Gameplay can be a little grindy but the gameplay is decent enough to make me not mind. Translation is spotty and sometimes takes a while to translate, though, so don’t expect much from that. Gameplay Rating: 4/5 H-Rating: 4/5 If you need help, click on the pile of money icon on the main title screen and google translate the images through your phone or from screencapping.… Read more »


Decent animations, but you’ll realize they’re meh since they’re reused but at different locations.

PantsuHelmet is right, it has too much grinding. I can tolerate the drilling minigame, but I am NOT grinding the stupid boring fishing minigame. It’s BS to lockout an important aspect of the gameplay behind 999 fishing points.

For all that, just a 3/5 for me.


no new girl ? (i heard there should be new girl at some point) also whats the dlc ??


the DL link is not working for me, where do you guys get the link? thank you


Where do you put the fourth camera? I thought the shop in the stockroom but I can’t get in there without the girl.