[VN] GF becomes the SexCare Manager of the Baseball Club… ~Cuckolded by Sporty Sex~ [English]

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Released: Jan/26/2018
Translator: Lewd Rider Ero
Product format: Adventure
Genre: Dirty Talk, Successive Orgasms, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Ahegao / Gapeface, Sexual Training, Outdoor Exposure
File size: 1.7 GB

The creator of “In the House of Despicable Family”, “Netorare Milf Natsuko”
and other commercial works OZ proudly presents another NTR (cuckoldry) work!

Details, event CGs and character introductions here:

* Story

Since the protagonist Ryouta Tachibana enrolled in Kousei Academy,
he has concentrated on base ball practice for his purpose of the national competition.

His practice is very hard but supported nicely by a manager of the baseball club,
and his beloved one at the same time, Misaki Himekawa.

Because the baseball club prohibits team members from dating,
those two has kept their relationship secret from others. But they
are still able to nurture their love sneakily, making Ryouta’s
school life delightful and more than satisfying to him.

— Until their relationship is found out by a new coach Gouda.

Knowing their relationship, Gouda forces Misaki into sex.
Misaki devotes herself to Gouda, because Ryouta’s dream
to play baseball in the national competition is destroyed otherwise.

Gouda intesenly r*pes Misaki with an attempt to make her his own woman,
with his muscular body strengthened while he was a professional baseball player.

When a cunning junior boy Kobori comes to know about the relationship
between Gouda and Misaki, the ring of gangr*pe starts expanding to
encompass other members of the baseball club…

* Plays
– insisting and vulgar kiss
– deflowered by a guy other than boyfriend
– all night r*pe without taking a rest
– inserted a thick vegetable into anal
– with her face masked, having humiliating exhibition sex before boyfriend
– erotic orders in a cheated party game
– fellatio in pile driver position
– forced to cheer up a d*ck wearing very erotic cheerleading costume
– forced to treat team member’s sexual desire
– kiss with boyfriend under cucking man’s order
– forced to perform shaming plays
– having ‘daishuki hold (leg lock)’ sex having boyfriend over a wall
And many more perverted plays!

* What Kind of Game Is This?
Your beloved girlfriend is cucked by musclehead guys!

The coach bangs how to please men and the pleasure of being woman into the heroine.

After a while, the team members join this session, making it from r*pe to gangr*pe.

A dedicated girlfriend corrupts by sexual desire and pleasure of being r*ped in this game.

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