[RPG] Cattle Slave Factory Escape ~A Milky Climax of Pleasure and Shame~ [EnglishMTL]

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Circle: Tanoshiitake
Released: Apr/22/2021
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Breasts Successive Orgasms Collar / Chain / Restraints Ahegao / Gapeface Breast Milk Sexual Training Squirting / Gushing Big Breasts
File size: 267 MB

Title: Cow Slave Factory Escape ~A Milky Climax of Pleasure and Shame~
Genre: Heroines of justice getting turned into cow slaves RPG
Ero genres: Consecutive climaxes & milk-spurting ahegaos
CG Contents: 10 base CG & 150+ variations

[Key Points]
In this work, you can enjoy watching heroines of justice get captured, bound by machines,
and sexually pleasured to climax while they are unable to fight back.
They cum and spurt milk from their breasts from a large variety of methods.

For lovers of
– Consecutive climaxes
– Nipple-teasing
– Breast milk, lots of it
– Squirting
– Electro-shock training
– Pleasure corruption
– Shame
– Ahegao
– SF play without penises

In a futuristic world,
the small country of Gils is under assault by a much larger country called Tsudol.
Tsudol’s high-tech combat-robots wipe the floor for Gils’ soldiers, and they are on the brink of defeat.

Gils. meanwhile, has dispatched their female top agents on a dangerous recon mission
to what’s said to be the main Tsudol base. The information could be a trap,
but special forces leader Iris, with her strong sense of justice, feels their only choice is to act.

Her squad infiltrates the facility, but they fall into the trap of the boss Hidela, and are defeated.
They are bound by machines, and told this is a “Gils Milk Factory”, and they are to become cattle.

The the girls escape the facility, or are they fated to become cow slaves?

– Battle – Use a combination of single attacks and AOEs! Auto-functionality included!
– Security infiltration – Switches to symbol encounters. Clear to advance the story.
– Vending machines – Buy useful items!
– Save others – Optional for the story, but various story flags are involved with them!
– Gallery – Use the rest stop computer to view ero events.
After all the endings, all H events are unlocked, along with pose arts.
– Text skip, auto text. text hide, text log, and other helpful features to enhance the ero events!

[H Events]
– H events advance the story
– Choose actions during special events
– No defeat events for random enemies

Iris’ breasts grow as the story progresses, making her more sensitive to climaxes in the process…

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