[SLG] Living With My Aunt ~Getting Smutty with a Voluptuous Auntie~ [English]

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叔母さんと一緒 ~僕と叔母さんのあまあまドスケベ寝取り同棲生活~

Circle: Rega United Kingdom
Released: Nov/21/2022
Translator: Saikey
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Male Protagonist, Slice of Life / Daily Living, Cohabitation, Living Together, Cuckoldry (Netori), Elder Girl x Younger Boy, Big Breasts, Voluptuous / Plump
File size: 179.89 MB

1. Full save & Walkthrough include
2. This is only the main game, DLC not included

Get Dirty with your Sexy Married Aunt

◆CG Summary

16 base CG (1 non-erotic, no pose art)
OneShota (older girl x younger boy), cohabitation cuckoldry good times.
You can touch and sneak peeks at your aunt as you spend time together, and as your relationship deepens, you can do dirtier things. Have sleep sex, make sweet love, watch her succumb to desire, and more!

This is not a fully voiced game – moans and kissing sounds only.


An NTR cohabitation simulation game created with RPG Maker MZ.
Roughly 3~4 hours of playtime.

This game features a skill system, touch system, safe days and unsafe days, etc.
You only need a mouse to play!

If you download the demo version, it is possible to continue your save to the main game. However, due to the possibility of bugs occurring, we don’t recommend it.
Please check system compatibility by downloading the demo version.


My folks moved far away for work. I was supposed to go with them, but I wasn’t sure how I’d cope in a new environment. I told them there was no way I could move, and so I stayed behind.
I ended up living with my aunt. Who knows what we’ll get up to…

She was my first love… So different from my mom. She’s kind, beautiful, and smells amazing.
Living with her is like a dream come true… A new life together…
I’ll help out around the house, she’ll help me study, and maybe I’ll even tease her a little. So much to look forward to!

◆Main Erotic Scenes
Do your best not to get busted by your uncle as you bang her!
Jack off to her stolen undies!
Get a handjob while you bathe together!
Fuck outside after a sweaty workout sesh!
Sneakily watch her use the bathroom and then stick your dick in!
Let her suck your morning wood dry!
Impregnate her when she comes crawling to you at night!
After planting your seed, fuck her with her big, pregnant belly!

Et cetera, et cetera…

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very lame Imouto Life ripoff


No deep plot, simple stuff. Just like what you’d expect from a hentai involving shota and a milf. Your aunt is sexually frustrated since their husband (your uncle) puts his work above her. And is not a raging coomer. The MC on the other hand has a raging boner for mommies. Ever since the MC was taken in by the two, she’s been wanting to have a child of her own. To a degree the aunt lives out her fantasy with the MC, which provides the reason for her cheating behavior. Up until the endgame, where it comes true for… Read more »