[RPG] Hentai Labyrinth [English]

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Released: Jul/14/2023
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Buttocks, Senior, Nonhuman / Monster Girl, Fantasy, Shame / Humiliation, Orgy Sex, Coercion / Compulsion, Interspecies Sex
File size: 697 MB

IMYUIC, a new brand produced by the erotic game maker AliceSoft, presents:

Travel through a mysterious world of dreams,
defeat the monsters that stand in your way,
talk with its strange inhabitants,
collect treasures and more…
This game is full of the real thrill of RPGs.

Explore this strange and naughty world with The Girl!

You (the main character) wander into a mysterious world and meet a young woman bound with chains who seems to be a girl who used to live in your neighborhood.
She is carrying a sword to fight against the attacking monsters, and is on a journey of redemption.
“Assist her, meet the strange inhabitants of the world, get caught up
in everyone’s affairs…
See where your journey takes you, and what mysteries might unfold before you!”

●RPG with a high degree of freedom
Monkey Forest, Merfolk Lake, Kappa’s Nest, Freaks Hall, Candy Land…
You can explore any stage you like and visit other stages along the way.
You are also free to challenge NPCs to a fight and dispose of them. (There may be some restrictions.)

Depending on how you proceed, there are multiple endings to each stage.

●Have sex and collect perversions
The Girl morphs into various forms by having sex and learning various “perversions”. You can pervert her by spanking her butt.
Make full use of these perversion abilities and skill, a system unique to this game, and fight.

You’ll find plenty of intense sex scenes.
There is also lovemaking between the protagonist and the main Girl when stages are cleared.
(It is also possible to play to prevent her from sleeping with others and make her your own.)

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the game is really good but crash mid-game can’t go forward


I’m about 1 hour in and so far it’s just what you can expect from an Alicesoft game. good music, good art(it feels like a Tim Burton’s story) and the comedic element it’s not restricted to japan-only so yeah. good game as always.


This is one of those very rare H games that manages to actually be a pretty decent game all on it’s own. It’s a rather typical, yet very high quality for a doujin, dungeon crawler with gameplay (and oddly enough even sound effects) that seem familiar to more modern games like Evenicle. The H scenes take quite a while to get to so so this isn’t good for a quick fap, but the scenes themselves are quite nice. The visuals of the map as you crawl around are quite nice as well. This is pretty much the gold standard for… Read more »


Game is fantastic so far but I keep getting a crash in the Theatre scene.


How do i get past the kappa invasion part without crashing?