[SLG] Lewd Sex Slave Training Project [EnglishMTL]

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Circle: dark.ryona.x15
Released: Jul/09/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Anime, Foreign Objects, Violation, Restraint, Captivity, Fiendish / Brutal, Rape, Ryona / Brutal
File size: 336.64 MB

[Brutal Simulation Game]

In an underground room, totally and utterly discipline a girl until she is “broken in.”
Animated and Fully Voice!
Show the strong willed martial artist girl her place as a sex slave utilizing a plethora of disciplinary methods.
Various tools are at your disposal. The power is at your fingertips… possibilities infinitum.
So break her Just. How. You. Want.

* Unlock cheats included for anyone that wants everything immediately available.

Meiling is a martial artist that fights at the battle arena to pay off her debts.
And she’s damn good at it. Never having been defeated before.
Today, like every other day, she was planning on winning her battle, but…
It would seem some men have taken a disliking to Meiling’s constant victories,
and they poisoned her food before the battle. Meiling loses control of her motor functions,
and ends up being sexually harassed by her opponent before the crowd!
She cannot wait for it all to be over…

As the sun sets, things look to be coming to an end.
With some hope returning to her heart, Meiling lets out a sigh of relief… and loses consciousness

But Meiling wakes up to find herself restrained in an underground room,
and her hellish ordeal has only just begun…

– Meiling (CV: Pako Shirakawa)
A martial artist girl who knows not of defeat… until now.
During battle she is poisoned and loses control of her motor functions.
After which, she is abducted, restrained in an underground room…
and then sexually trained into a cumdump by a group of horny men.

– Horny Men
The guys that are irritated by Meiling constantly winning martial arts battles at the arena.
They restrain her in an underground room, and then brutally torment and discipline her as a sex slave.

– The Arena Owner
Lends the men tools for sexually training Meiling.
He even gives helpful tutorials on how best she be “broken in.”

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Meh. This game just feels like a mediocre version of nejicomi simulator. The animation is passable, but anything but stellar. you unlock different “skills” which are basically actions you would do by making her cum or urinate. (which she urinates a lot)

My biggest gripe is that the animations just give the sense that while you are in “control”, you get the sense that you are not the one actually doing these actions and are just commanding someone else to do them while you watch.


Pretty much agree with InstantDeath. It’s okay but the fact that the animations are delayed also doesn’t help. I advise saving your time and just downloading Sold Girl Town which is a much better version of this.


Or just play Whipping Torture Club which is better in every way.