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Circle: Metamorphose
Released: Jun/28/2023
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Successive Orgasms, Collar / Chain / Restraints, Foreign Objects, Violation, Restraint, Coercion / Compulsion, Machine Sex, Interspecies Sex
File size: 580.09 MB

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Get sexually harassed and fucked in the middle of a fight! A battle sex RPG!
This is an RPG featuring a heroine who works for a secret organization known as the “Saint Gear Force”. As she fights her foes they will molest her, tie her up and fuck her even as the battle is ongoing. Since her main objective is to infiltrate their base of operation, she has to contend with the many traps her enemies have laid for her. Will she succumb to her enemies and their lewd traps, or will she prevail? It’s up to you!

An original, sexy battle system!
Each fight proceeds as follows:
1. The player and the enemies each decide their actions in an order known as a sequence.
2. The actions play out one by one.
This repeats until the battle is over.

Players have to consider the speed at which they act, which affects where actions take place in the sequence, as well as things like counter attacks, which become stronger if done before or after an enemy attack. There is a high component of strategy to the system.

The in-fight sex as well as the various bad statuses add further depth to the battles.

• After an orgasm, any player actions that were planned for later will be canceled.
• If equipped with a bullet vibe, the bullet vibe will activate in randomly picked slots, possibly interfering with the player’s actions.

A plethora of bad statuses!
There are many bad statuses that can make battles more difficult, such as:
• Orgasm afterglow
• Lactation
• Covered in aphrodisiac
• Devices such as vibrators, bullet vibes and blindfolds
• Restraints
• Arousal
And more.

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This game is… ok? Decidedly below average, and is only brought up to average by the good ideas it has for gameplay. Doesn’t rate higher because those good ideas are not as fun or dynamic as they could have been to make the game enjoyable. If you want a better game with a similar idea for a Persistent Status Effect playstyle, check out Mission Mermaiden, Ayura Crisis, or Eris Dysnomia (all of these are on the FapForFun site, just do a search for them). The CG scenes are subpar and really only change facial expressions. If you’re curious, you can… Read more »


I hate JRPG mechanics. This is an extinct type of games of the last century. If it were an action game like Ninja Girl Ayame or Wings of Roldea (there is on the site), maybe it’s still gone, and so only lost time.