[RPG] [Live2D Animated] My Unique Skill is Nakadashi Leveling ~Isekai Hentai Match 3 Puzzle RPG~ [Multi Languages]

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【フルLive2D】~ボクのユニークスキルは「中出しレベリング」~ -Nakadashi levelling- <異世界スケベマッチ3エロRPG>

Circle: Jaxy Create
Released: Dec/23/2022
Supported languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese, English
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Male Protagonist, Buttocks, Cross-section View, Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love, Internal Cumshot, Big Breasts, Nipples / Areola
File size: 4.37 GB

– This game can be played with a mouse.
– Contains two difficulties. Normal mode and Expert Mode.
– 12 base Live2D models (100+ animations)
– Seamless loading (* Dependent on your PC’s specs.)
– Created with Wolf Editor.
Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

Inherent skill “”Nakadashi levelling””
It is a sexual technique that allows you to acquire experience points according to the amount of semen.

The hero with unique skills is the only ♂ summoned from another world.
To fulfill the wishes of the people of this world
In order to “”Nakadashi levelling””, I ejaculated into the vagina of a ♀ in this world.

The hero is ready.
In a few more days, the day will come when the enemy will resurrect.

The unexpected happened!
The enemy has made the people of this world Level 1!

People were very sad.
“”Nakadashi levelling”” exists! ! ! There is hope!

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Overall: decent if you like match 3 games, but not super good. The girls are boring but it’s a nice experience. Beware the bloated file size. Difficulty: DON’T PLAY HARD MODE IF YOU WANT TO 100%. Some of the EX levels on Nightmare are basically impossible. They take away all of the good features of the game and you’re left with complete RNG. Other that that, the game is easy if you have played match 3 games before, only the final level took more than 1 try. Took me 1.5 hours to beat each boss once. Even if you lose… Read more »

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