[ADV] Reformation Story I Forgave My Girlfriend For Cheating On Me [English]

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再構築物語 ~浮気した彼女を許したら~

Brand: アトリエさくら
Released: Sep/24/2021
Translator: Saikey NTR Studios
Product format: Adventure
Genre: Clothed, Cosplay, Decadent / Immoral, Cheating / Adultery, Cuckoldry (Netorare), SM, Shame / Humiliation, Long Hair, Big Breasts
File Size: 1.03 GB

The protagonist discovers that his cosplayer girlfriend has been cheating on him.
The protagonist gets very depressed, but chooses to rebuild (start over) with his beloved girlfriend.
While suffering from flashbacks of the affair, he somehow manages to regain his happy days.

One day, however, an erotic video begins to be sold on the Internet and becomes a hot topic in some circles.
It was a video of his unfaithful girlfriend being fucked.

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classic atelier sakura. heavy heavy ntr themes. to make you cream and then feel deep despair for the storyline and characters.

5/5 for ntr lovers
stay away if youre not a fan.


the game title leads you to think there’s a good ending but it just lays out a hard hitting emotional depressing one instead.


(this heroine): “I’m sorry, he so good so i don’t wanna with you anymore” 😫
(Another Atelier sakura heroine): “he make me feel good, but i still love you and i don’t wanna leave you”
I’m sorry, but this game make me laugh