[Puzzle] CLOTH X BREAKER ver.1.01 [JP-EN]

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CLOTH X BREAKER ~ドレスを破かれた少女たち~

Circle: URAP
Released: Nov/25/2022
Language: English (Interface), Japanese (Interface and dialogue text)
Product format: Puzzle
Genre: Dot / Pixel, Slice of Life / Daily Living, Softcore, Eroticism, Breast Milk, Outdoor Exposure, Shame / Humiliation, Nipples / Areola
File size: 75.58 MB

Block Breaker but the the blocks you are breaking are the women’s clothing.
Hence the name “Clothing Breaker”​

Tear off dresses and suits, take them off, and strip them naked!!! Will the undressed girl show her true form?

There’s more than just one type of bullet! Use guns with different characteristics to strip the girls naked.

Upgrading your gun will increase your reload speed and magazine size! Strengthen your favorite gun!

When you use a bomb, the balls on the screen will explode at the same time! Use area attacks to inflict high damage and leave the girls completely naked♪

■ How to play
————————————————– ———————————————
Start Battle – Game Start

Shop – Weapon upgrades

Gallery – bonus mode

Size – change screen size (F12 restore default size)

Sound – All Volume On/Off

■ How to operate
————————————————– ——————————————–
A/D or left (←)/right (→) key

Num Key 1 / Spacebar – Handgun Normal Ammo (Cost -1)

Num key 2 / Z key – machine gun – shoots straight piercing bullets 3 times (cost -3)

Num Key 3/X Key – Shotgun – Spread 4 bullets. Penetrates up to medium range (Cost -4)

Num Key 0/C Key – Grenade – Bomb. Explodes all bullets on the screen at the same time, recovering cost by the number of bullets.

Esc key – menu restart / return to title screen

■ Strategy
————————————————– ———————————————
If you hit consecutively, a combo bonus will occur!As long as no bullets fall, the score bonus will continue.
You can get money according to the points you earn when you clear the stage.

*In order to advance the game smoothly, it is recommended to use money to upgrade your skills first.

Skill upgrades increase bullet count and reduce reload time

* Even if the game is over, you can get half the money. Use your money to improve your skills!

Use money to unlock new stages and skill upgrades to face powerful enemies!

The clothes in the gallery can also be released. The character gallery cannot be purchased unless the stage is cleared.

If the 64-bit version doesn’t work, try changing to the 32-bit version.

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This game actually sucks. If you’re playing on a screen that’s too small (like mine) you literally cannot see the full screen even when going into fullscreen mode, meaning that you can’t see or click on certain important things (like the back button that may or may not exist) The game also is an Atari Breakout type game where you shoot out multiple balls and can bounce them back up with your wall thing, except the menu almost completely covers your wall so you have to either squint your eyes to see where you are or just go by feel… Read more »

Faith Rolled

Despite it being pixel art, I made a decensor patch:

unpack and add the 2 files to the ClothXBreaker_Data folder and replace the ones that are already there.

Also if you want to win you have got to use the uzi and shotgun at the same time and explode the bullets with the bomb when they are near the most amount of clothes to hit. Then just wait for your bomb to get back off cooldown. (upgrade it also)


Was difficult at first until I realized that you’re supposed to use the detonation to clear the levels. It’s a simple brick breaker game with with just the right amount of difficulty. ~2-3 hours of gameplay. Decent art, good sound, good mechanics, enjoyed it overall. 4/5 (Also where did the star ratings go?)