[ACT] Uterus Defense GUN (JP) ver.1.1

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Circle: StudioS
Released: Jan/21/2023
Product format: Action
Genre: Successive Orgasms, Slave, Fiendish / Brutal, Tentacle, Machine Sex, Torture, Ryona / Brutal
File size: 511.55 MB

Protect your womb from aliens!
————————————————– ————-
★★ First time bonus ★★
If you purchase by 2023/2/28, the first privilege will be included!
・ H demo scene super brutal GIF animation recording
・H demo scene voice collection
* After the distribution ends, it will be distributed only to Ci-en fan clubs.
————————————————– ————-

・Super brutal! Gun action game!
Machine guns, shotguns, homing, lasers, grenades, rockets, missiles…
Combine more than 90 kinds of weapons and defeat the aliens!

Human Weapons The Neo-Humanoid Army used human wombs to multiply aliens.
Special Forces SSS leader “Layla” gets into the enemy camp alone.
Defeat the aliens and protect your womb!

・ Super extreme! In-game production
Rape, tentacles, undressing, explosion scattering, acid, biting, tearing pieces, penetrating tentacles, swallowing whole…
Shields of human prisoners, alien infants are born from captives who have been turned into nurseries, and attack the player.
A lot of radical effects appear in the game!

・Super brutal! H demo scene
Relentless Hell attacks the captured Leila.
Tentacle Rape, Alien Threatening Pregnancy and Birth, Machine Rape Climax Hell,
Whipping, electric shock, branding torture, female pork slave training, pig imitation, obscene language forced, drill vaginal destruction…

・H demo scene, animation easy unlock
I want to see the H scene quickly! For those people, I prepared a trick!

・The biggest game volume in StudioS history!
30 stages in total + 5 levels of difficulty + 90 or more weapons.
Clear stages to get more powerful weapons!

・Equipped with expression OFF function for adults!(ver.1.1)
If you just want to enjoy the game, it’s convenient if you want to stream or post videos!

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not worth it at all. to unlock gallery (2 and 3 options in the menu) you need to open game maker menu (f1) assign some key to R2, then, when you are in either demo or animation gallery press r2 and up.
Although its not worth your time.