[RPG] SITRI ~The Succubus Queen~ [JP-EN-KR]

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Circle: witCHuus
Released: Jan/15/2023
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Dot / Pixel, Anime, Angel / Demon, Succubus / Incubus, Sex Change / Transsexual, Fantasy, Horror, Orgy Sex
File size: 60.11 MB

Sitri the succubus was sealed away by the Seven Great Sins.
But with aid from the demon Belial she is set free once more.

In order to become the new lord of hell, she must gather her succubus brethren
and will fight against the Seven Great Sins.

How To Play
In battle, your units will fight the enemy automatically.
The first side to lose all their HP loses.

You can change units and use skills based on cooldown timers.
It is important to get your timing just right.

Keeping in mind the paper, scissors, rock dynamic of units is essential.
Blood > Poison > Cold > Blood

During battle there are 9 types of erotic pixel art animations that can be displayed.
There are also 2 bukkake animations and standing poses.

There are 12 succubi, and each of them has an erotic artwork that is unlocked upon reaching max level.

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Here’s a save file for you.

Place this file inside the Save folder located in the game directory.


Either i’m missing something.

Either the tutorial itself can’t even be won. So don’t even expect to win the second level.

How unbalanced of a game one can make ?


Well its actually hot and actually hard
Shall i gave blood to my dick or my brain?


So it’s possible to compleate the tutorial. Game just need japanese locate (time format) to work becouse then sitri will heal in battle.