[RPG] Demons Roots ver.1.02 [English-Uncen]

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Developer: Quick nail Aristocrat
Publisher: Kagura Games
Released: 14 Jan, 2023
Work Format: RPG
Genre: female protagonist, adventure, fantasy, monster, monster girl, rape, vaginal sex, oral sex, sex toys, multiple penetration, anal sex, group sex, groping, slave, prostitution, humiliation, exhibitionism, big ass, big tits, bdsm
File Size: 2.07 GB

After the Demon Lord’s defeat, the remaining demons fled to the Dark Realm. A thousand years later, on the verge of extinction, demonkind decides to invade the human world again in one final struggle for survival. However, the world they return to after years in the darkness isn’t the same as it once was.

Humans have turned against their fellow man. Downtrodden and defeated, the poor find an unlikely ally: the same demons who terrorized humanity a thousand years ago. Together with the demons, they fight against the world’s victors, the ones who hold all the power, to gain their freedom and create a world they can call home.

Play as the demon Deathpolca alongside an eclectic cast of characters, including demons, an FBI agent, and even a gladiator. Lead demonkind to world domination as they conquer the continent one country at a time.

Gain various items and skills as you navigate the story’s twists and turns, then use them to fight powerful enemies. Find hidden treasure and face overwhelming super bosses if you’re looking for a challenge.

Key Features
Meet an Unforgettable Cast
As you advance your quest for world domination, you’ll meet a wide variety of characters, from lovable allies to detestable villains. Who will you persuade to join your cause, and who will oppose you to their dying breath?

Unlock Music as You Play
With a host of memorable tunes, including seven original songs by popular composer Shade, you can access the game’s sound test to listen to any songs you’ve already heard. Feel free to attend and reflect on your world domination to your heart’s desire.

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Just finished the prologue and honestly, it’s a pretty good game story wise so far. Haven’t encountered any H-Scenes yet but there was a pretty high-quality pantie shot in the beginning so I’m looking forward to the rest of the game




I’ve come for the horny and stayed for the plot and characters, good game.


One of the best H Games in the terms of story and plot, the H scenes is just an extra here


Allright so I just finished the game and let’s make some points: (also sorry if bad english-desu.) -The plot as others have stated it’s indeed amazing. I doesn’t get boring really. In fact it only gets better since more characters and traits are constantly being introduced. -The H-scenes aren’t really thaaat important. they focused more in the plot. There are two major places where you see them. 1)-The first one is a place where you play a gacha and get either an S – SR – SSR variant of the H-scene. there are 2 scenes with each party member meaning… Read more »


I failed to see how it got such a high rating. Sure its a good RPG but with very few lewd hentai content. You want a good rpg get the old final fantasy or dragon age. When it comes to H content this one is very poor!