[ACT] Waifu Fighter [Multi Languages-Uncen]

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Developer: Happy Monster Studio
Publisher: Mango Party
Released: 22 Dec, 2022
Game Format: Action
File Size: 1.12 GB

===Game Intro===
Feel the joy of smashing flesh!
Upgrade your training and feel DA POWER!
C’mon! Laugh it up with the goofs of dating!
Spooge all over the place!
The baddest bitches in the universe… await your challenge!

Waifu Fighter Fist is a 2D adult action, narrative game. Get ready for:
* 5 battles
* 5 storylines
* 10 sex scenes
* Full Chinese voice acting

In just one night, gene mutations have caused immense power boosts in the violent tendencies and natural strength of women.
Men have become the bottom feeders of society.
In a world ruled by women, the Patriarchy’s greatest disciple, Jack Hoff…
…has taken on the Tourney of Supreme Warriors, a competition ruled by the females.
He swears to earn back the honor of men, using force and charm to smash ‘dem bitches into the darkest of abysses!

【← → ↑ ↓】to Block
【← → 】for frenetic combos
【← → ↑ ↓ ENTER】to respond to the women’s dialogue
【SPACE】to turn the page
【ESC】 to exit to the Main Menu

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Link 2

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Basically a Different Timeline of Ryu when he learned a different Satsuin No Hado!


is anyone else stuck at the vs screen on the first fight