[ADV] SAGASHIMONO ~one’s trash is another’s treasure~ ver.1.12 [EnglishMTL]

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Circle: Sakakumo
Released: Jul/03/2022
Product format: Adventure
Genre: Fetish, Anime, 3D Works, Prostitution / Paid Dating
File size: 243.28 MB

Game Overview
Set in a rural town.

The protagonist makes a living by picking up and selling discarded junk.
With that money, pay the girls and they will provide sexual services.

* Developed with Unity. Contains 3D content, so make sure to check out the demo / trial ver. first and confirm compatibility with your system.

Playtime / No. of Characters
Total playtime is about 6~8 hours.

There are 6 female characters which you can have sex with.
* Of those 6, only one is available at the beginning.
Proceed through the game events to unlock the others.

Erotic Contents 1
The general erotic content is animated with Live2D.
There are also some static CG shown in H scene event style.

– General Erotic Scenes
9 Live2D Animations x character variations x item variations
* You can also do it with images you obtained from the girls or otherwise.

– Event style Erotic Scenes
Each characters has about 2~3 of these. (15 base CG + variations)

– Other Erotic Images x 11

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tldr; Walking simulator 2.0 Want to walk around the same places collecting trash for hours and hours on end just to get 2 actual sex scenes as well as well as a few recycled foreplay scenes then this game is for you. Just a heads up if you have played the other game were you go to the school and walk for hours on end you get the same shitty sex scenes in this game even though this is a sequel. (I am not joking about walking around for many hours on end in the same maps god damn why… Read more »


The worst premise ever, the worst gameplay ever, and the censor bars are a cute gimmick for 5 seconds until you realize they’re actually not coming off.


This sounds like some independent film type shit. A guy that goes around picking up trash to afford (what looks like) teen prostitutes? If it didn’t sound so boring I’d give it a try. Is there anything that is self aware about it, or is it funny in an unintentional way?