[2D Hentai] Choco * Nuki! vol.5

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Circle: BraBusterSystem
Released: Dec/27/2011
File format: Application
Genre: Breasts, Anime, Bukkake, Breast Sex, Big Breasts, Supersize
File size: 96.53 MB

* When you want to have a Quick Fap, we recommend using Choco * Nuki!

* This time we ultimate size difference play with the ogreish Ate!
Her super duper huge breasts will envelope your entire body and
awaiting you is nipple rubbing, finger job, tongue rub, and a cowgirl
p*ssy rub that may just end up crushing you! (full body intercrural sex)
Followed by, of course, copious amounts of pew Pew PEWWW anime!

* All cuts have both normal sized play as well.
So no worry for those that don’t get off on size fetish.

* No text. You can start the game and
the erotic animation will begin playback straight away.
Playback speed and quick / slow playback features implemented!

* Voice Acting: Shizuri Ibuki

* Screen Resolution: 800×600

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Link 2

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