[SLG] How a Retired Strategist Saved the Country [JP-EN-KR]

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Circle: tomadan
Released: Nov/04/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Totally Happy, Male Protagonist, Girl, Loli, Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love, Fantasy, Tiny Breasts
File size: 1.15 GB

How a Retired Strategist Saved the Country is a real time strategy simulation game where you manage resources to develop your country.
The player is asked by elves, beastmen… Etc. various heroines ask you for help, and then you take command of their country’s army.
Will they become the victors, or princesses of ruined countries… It all depends on you.”

※There are no H-scenes on defeat, and all are consensual with the protagonist.

Resource management strategy simulation!

Make use of land and resources to do battle with an enemy country in this strategy simulation game.

Empty land is given to the player, and you will construct buildings
to secure a population and gather resources.

Defeated. Now for new constructions…
You will obtain new land when you defeat the enemy.
Some spare land has been acquired so let’s try building something on it.
A building to allow you to collect new resources,
a laboratory to enhance resource acquisition…
Make this country prosper with your choices.

If you can defeat all of the hostile forces within the time limit the stage is cleared!

Utilize various strategies with skill points
Skill points are acquired upon clearing stages,
and they can be allocated to change your strategic options.
Deploy rows of soldiers equipped with steel, make a fortress city,
eventually recruiting magicians…
Overwhelm the hostile forces with your strategic approach.

H-scenes are fully voiced, fully animated
A total of 14 H-scenes all animated with Live2D.
Physics calculations are incorporated, making things shake naturally.
We won’t say what but they shake naturally.
It’s stated twice because it’s important.

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Fairly basic medieval city construction game with an emphasis on resource management, think single player Tribal Wars or something. Each stage doesn’t take very long if you just swap between pause and x16 fast forward, maybe 30 minutes. Stages can be played a second time with additional criteria to unlock a second scene with each heroine. You get skill points after each stage and they can be reallocated at will, which makes it a little less repetitive.

H-scenes are pretty decent, but not top tier. Some lack a good payoff.


How can I save my progress? Where’s the “Save” button?


The best thing about this game is that if your grandmother walks in the room you don’t have to minimize it, because you’re just clicking on a bunch of buildings. Then eventually you remember it’s a porn game when it cuts to a VN sex scene with some anime girl so generic that you wonder why the developers even came up with names for them. I agree with the top comment that some parts are decent, but I’d rank this slightly below playing Minesweeper and looking at hentai every time you clear a board.

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