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Circle: 流水
Released: May/20/2022
File format: Application / MP4
Genre: Buttocks, Breasts, Anime, 3D Works, Toys, Masturbation, Machine Sex, Big Breasts
File size: 1.38 GB

A 3DCG loop video work with the theme of adult goods in the future.
There are 6 stages of animation composed of multiple angles for each of the 6 scenes.

Videos can be viewed using the included app or by directly playing MP4 files.
Please use it in your favorite environment.
(The app comes with a little introductory story.)

The screen size of the application is a selection formula of 854 * 480, 1280 * 720 (initial value), 1920 * 1080 (full screen).
The video size is 1920*1080 (MP4, H.264).

Voices and sound effects have been added (H scenes only).

How to operate the app:
story mode
Open/close menu: right click tab right ctrl
Decision: enter E
Next line (character fast forward): left click down cursor key space
Next chapter: right cursor key D
Previous chapter: Left cursor key A

gallery mode
Open/Close Transport Bar : Move cursor to lower right
Open/close menu: right click tab right ctrl
Decision: enter E
Next video: Right cursor D wheel down
Previous video: Left cursor A wheel up
Next scene: Down cursor S Mouse – forward button
Previous scene: up cursor W mouse – back button
Slow playback: wheel click right shift Q
Skip setting for video forwarding : Operation of [Slow playback] in the video selection state in the menu

If you want to use controller
Use software that assigns keyboard input to buttons.
The keys that need to be assigned are as follows.

Up, down, left, right: chapter/scene operation/movie selection/text forwarding
tab menu open/close
E decision
Q Slow playback/skip setting

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