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Circle: Almichadia
Released: Sep/06/2022
Translators: Randomusername3242 and TragicSolitude
Product format: Adventure
Genre: Loli, Internal Cumshot, Virgin Female, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Monster, Oral Sex, Rape, Tentacles, Turn-Based Game, Vaginal Sex
File size: 445.51 MB

Japanese system locale or locale emulator is required

Awakened by the cold in the deep darkness. I have nothing, everything is left in the dark. Turning on a little light, the girl advances, Leaving all of her choices to you. The girl did not know how much of a mistake she made putting her faith in a sexual deviant like you. Guide this girl in her search for what she has lost, and lose even more along the way (Like her virginity, her pride, her common fucking sense, Etc, Etc.)‚Äč

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Decent game but the RNG is unforgiving.

1) Press centre mouse button while in the screen between floors to see what titles you can get, when you get a title you need to click on it on that screen to activate it.
2) Try to get at least 1 vertical and one horizontal row completed in the title page as soon as possible, its up to RNG to determine if you can get more than one.
3) If you reduce the enemies RP down to 0 then you get a 1 hit kill move the next turn, to reduce it you use special cards you get from talking to the demon in the event with all the people having sex in the fancy looking room as well as from getting the title for having 15+ lust. Also if you pet the cat in the cat event you can get some lust related cards. (or the succubus card set bonus you can get at the start of a new game after your first new game but I usually prefer getting the double lust gain bonus instead)
4) You want 70 lust by the time you reach floor 100 or you will probably lose unless you are doing a non lust run which will be much harder to do, you don’t really need more unless you want to reach enough to 1 shot the boss instead of 2 shot.
5) Only read the spoiler below if you keep failing to beat the boss on floor 100:

It saves between each floor so if you don’t like the event it gave you or the outcome of the event then you can exit the game and start it up in a matter of a couple of seconds to get a new event each time, only do this if you keep failing and want the gallery/endless mode unlocked.

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Basic info:

Art and sex scenes are pretty decent but while your clothes tear a little they aren’t removed completely. Most of the time you’ll defeat enemies without fucking them unless you follow a specific build. It’s a game you play more for the horny gameplay than the sex, but it’s fun.

It’s a card-based roguelike rpg where all combatants have a health bar (LP) and a lewd endurance bar (RP). When LP hits zero, it’s game over. When RP hits 0, the recipient is stunned for two turns by the orgasm and if it’s you your defense goes to zero as well. While an opponent is stunned, a “Golden Kick” card becomes temporarily available that does massive LP damage to them. When used, cards go into your ‘used’ pile and won’t show up again until it’s reshuffled. Cards with the “DISCARD” trait are only usable once per combat, but aren’t permanently lost. Each opponent defeated earns you a new card for your deck. Strategically you can focus on cards that kill things or cards that lewd them (typically you just tease them to climax but if you collect the right events you can mount and have sex) and then kick them to death easily, and the lewd path is the much easier one but heavily RNG dependent.

There’s a boss every 20 rounds, each round is randomly chosen from a list of about 30 events, with roughly a 1/3 chance of fighting a monster. More monsters and a few events are added after each boss.

Difficulty ramps up fast and the only consolation prize you get for losing are points that can be spent for a small-moderate boost at the start of the game, which is very helpful for lewd strats.

More specific tips (I recommend copying advice to a text doc in the game folder):

If you have a lot of cards inapplicable to your strategy, you will lose by RNG. Use Forget-me-not Flowers to remove them. Sometimes its better to receive no cards at all, but keep in mind getting 15 cards unlocks a title.

Titles are very important, check the titles page to figure out how to unlock them. LP and RP regen are very useful.

Don’t worry about items until you’ve beaten the game once, they are only useful for some minor quests on your first win, but they’re needed to unlock additional endings on subsequent playthroughs.

There are events that change your body shape; enlarged boobs allow you to pet the cat and unlock underwear removal, which is necessary for sex. Regression (lolification) allows you to get a quest item from playing with a child, but also prevents you from using several useful sex events.

Red boss is recommended to fight first in lewd playthrough as it will quickly take your virginity. Blue boss will not lewd you unless you take the initiative so beware if your lewd build is incomplete.

Basic Guide to the Lewd strat
Your first priority is to acquire a lewd crest, then get Traits and additional lewd cards from events. EVENTS: If there’s a sex party, going with it will give a lewd crest the first time and the cowgirl Mounting card if you already have one (changes the battle to an RP duel). Getting “Relief (2)” from the EVENING priest also gives the crest (Faith if you already have one). When you see a priest, pay attention to the phrasing of the event. If they are praying FERVENTLY at DUSK, they are HOLY. Their options give healing, remove lewd crests, or give money. If they are praying EAGERLY in EVENING they are UNHOLY, they can give a useful item for removing unwanted cards, give a lewd crest, or facefuck you (+Lewd). Similarly, beware “Boiling” hot springs unless you want the 1 hp title. If you see a cat, pet it if you have big or small boobs and you’ll get the card to drop your panties, allowing you to fuck when mounting, it also lures some enemies to fuck you in grapple. It’s not necessary but more fun. If you have normal boobs then pick it up and you’ll get big boobs. The most powerful lewd cards are automatically unlocked at 15 Lewd. To get Lewd you can steal from people until they rape/molest you, blow the unholy priest, or have events at the Inn and Library if you have the right cards. The NG+ bonus to lewd growth helps massively in this strat. There are only a few cards in the monster drop pool that are important: “Refresh” rerolls your hand, including used cards, it’s top tier. Get more than one. Natal play and Unlimited are also fairly good, especially all in combination. There’s a card that gives ~100 gold for the first orgasm an enemy makes, get it early to earn 1000 gold fast, and it lets you be lewd in libraries. Lewd strat naturally lends itself to low Morality high Faith, but you may want to try to get down to 30 Faith early game for a Title and go back up later.