[SLG] PlayHome BetterRepack R3 [English-Uncen] (VR Supported)

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Company : ILLUSION
Updated: 2020-05-21
Work Format: Simulation
Repack by: ScrewThisNoise
File Size: 34 GB

Known Issues:
Some people experience a bit more load on their GPU due to the preactivated PHIBL preset. If you want to undo it, please do the following:
– go to \Plugins\PHIBL_PresetLoad\presets
– Delete BetterRepack R3.preset


– Open the game
– Press right-ctrl + m
– Select the BetterRepack R3 preset
– Press Delete Preset

The game focuses on destroying the family of the guy who once accused the main character of being a molester.​

Updated [BR] Slimmer script
Updated Launcher
Added modified game files to allow for output-log generation
Adjusted translation slightly and resized some UI Elements
Edited AllegrettoPH to make lighting options show in English
Added semi-optional Bonemods (Toggleable from Launcher)
Added new clothing mods, see included csv
Updated PH_BepisPlugins to R14.1
Updated IllusionFixes to v1.12
Updated XUnity.AutoTranslator to v4.11.2
Updated 0xd4d’s dnSpy to v6.1.4
Updated enimaroah’s SB3Utility to v20.3.6
Updated Marco’s PHAPI to v1.11.1
Updated Marco’s ABMX to v4.3
Updated Marco’s FPS Counter to v3.0
Updated Marco’s Runtime Unity Editor v2.1
Retaken all thumbs to get lighter images
Replaced English ADV translation
Polished translation and text scaling
Added 2155X’s Mannequin Pose
Added 2155X’s PH_BoopBepin v1.1.0
Added Joan6694’s MoreAccessories v1.0
Added Chinese language translation from Zodgame
Removed PH PlayBoop v0.0.5 (Obsolete)
(IPA) Added Importer v1.0
(IPA) Added Lights Save v1.0
(IPA) Added PlayHomeVR v0.8
(IPA) Added StudioAnimLoader v0.0.2 as optional
(IPA) Added VN Game Engine 17.5 as optional
(IPA) Replaced PH Shortcuts v2.0 with fixed version supporting BepInEx

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Thank you! 🙂


whats the password of the zip in chara folder?


Have to put file in Studio in the main game folder right


After i put the Studio addon in the main game folder the english translation is gone now it become japan how to fix?


I just downloaded the english translation pack separately and reapplied it just in case. The Translation.ini file and voice_data.txt were different. I took a gamble and overwrote the Translation.ini file and kept the voice_data.txt file from the repack. Looks like that fixed it.

https://pastebin.com/u4p09Ere – playhome mod list.


I have two versions of Playhome by Flashbangz, one says “Prepare your anus” when I start it up, this one says the game has rape and if I don’t like it, don’t play. Is there a difference besides the start up.


Why can’t I add more MOD?
After installing MOD I can not play


I’m having a problem starting the game. When I click start at the main menu, nothing happens.Same thing happens when I try to load a savegame.


Im experience the same problem, you finded a way to resolve this?


hello, why is although the vr is working, I cannot use my controller (htc vive), I can click using them, but I cannot use the controller to choose any option after getting through the title. pls help


How can i activate a free camera mode? i just want to see the girl reaction too instead of just only a POV during the H scenes


I don’t even know if I’m adding the studio wrong or if it just takes a LONG time to load. Can someone help me find a guide or something? I added the Studio-Addon folder into the main folder. Is that all I do or is there more?


OMG why is this 33 gb? This is probably the biggest porn game i’ve ever seen :O


Is the studio addon important? Its 15gb so fi its not so important I’d rather not have it.


was wondering why it takes so long to load anything up on this version had a previous version and it played fine this one takes almost an hr before you get to selection screen and about half an hr to load in girls for customisation is there a way to speed it up or is there something I can turn off to fix this


The ‘Launch PlayHome VR.bat’ does not launch the game as the file it tries to execute has a space in the filename. Launching the VR GEDOU.exe or VR GEDOU_WildSliderPatch.exe loads in VR mode but the Rift S controllers do not interact with the menu, neither do the keyboard or mouse. The controllers apear in game as controllers other than Rift S so I suspect it is not compatible.


Hi, I have the same problem, I see a screen with a menu but don’t have interaction with the Rift S controller. I could find this github project https://github.com/Riqorm/PlayHomeVR, drag the .exe to IPA.exe to patch, but the same problem. Can you solver the problem?


for the VR thing I plugged in an Xbox controller and it seems to be able to interact with the menu while I’m using an oculus, its weird but it works.


how big when extracted?


I’m using an Oculus but I’m stuck on the menu screen, has anyone figured out how to use Oculus controllers?


Hi, I can’t play with VR, the Rift S controller not interact with the first menu screen and can’t continue. I can see the controller un VR but it not response. Can somebody play the game in VR ? thanks


This one is 34gb is this a different game to PlayHome FRV3 [English-Uncen] which is 67.8gb?


Still one of my favorite game of 2010s released by illusion. Even newer games like Ai or Honey select 2 can’t compete with it imo. The story is nothing but that is to be expected from all illusion newer games, they offer almost no story at all. What i like the most is unlike most other illusion games especially the newer one, this game reached 100+ FPS at highest settings, it is very well optimized graphics ! Not to mention lot of customizations, clothes, character model is beautiful, good animations and lot of H-animations each of them has its own… Read more »


What about the mods for honey select 2? You can add characters from dead or alive and I believe Ninja gaiden into the game with precision facial recognition you’d think its actually them. The original honey select 1 had over 60 various mods outfits and characters from various anime and games which probably boost its gameplay better than most other illusion games, though this is all speculation im afraid my laptop’s graphics died and I’m not able to play any of these for a long while now, so I can’t give accurate judge.