[RPG] Frontier King Miiko [JP-EN]

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Circle: shoku
Release: May/07/2021 0
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Female Protagonist, Abnormal/Perverted, Clothes Changing/Dress up, Cross-section View, Anime, Internal Cumshot, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Gangbang
File size: 595.38 MB

Thank to Kingosharks for sharing the file

[H Animation]
Most H events as well as most battle harassment ‘ reverse harassment are animated.

The protagonist is a pure and proper princess who has been declared the ruler of a certain region by her stepfather.
Little did she know that untold sexual harassment awaited her…!

[Violation Types]
Battle violation (enemy and companion + double gangbang)
Non battle harassment & reverse harassment
– Event non-protagonist violation

7+1 cosplay options & 4 underwear options
Exhibitionist top only (no skirt) / bottom only (no top) optionality included

[Main Female Characters]
Princess Miiko (protagonist)
Shalda the Demon Lord
General Yuri
Slime Lord
Ogre Lord

[Protagonist H]
– Public toilet deflowering
– Time-stop violation
– Anal
– Stepfather sex
– Hypnotized sex
– Vibrator masturbation
– Sleep sex
– Gangbang
– Prostitution
– Ass in the wall
– Tentacle sex

[Non-protagonist H]
– Drugs
– Irrumatio
– Semen drinking
– Urination
– Preg-belly sex
– Orc sex
– Squirting
– Public violation

Random encounters and boss enemies do regular attacks,
while special hentai symbol encounter do H attacks

– The protagonist dons a battle leotard in combat, which is torn as she takes damage (reflected in pose art)
– Naked battling is possible
– If you’re defeated, you’ll be instantly revived in the same spot
– You take no damage while getting violated by companions
– Enemies take no damage from companions when they are violating
– If enemies violated the protagonist or the reverse, companions can’t violate her

You can buy weak weapons in town, but the best equipment drops from enemies
S Rank is the highest class of weapon.

– Fully heal anywhere (Tent function)
– Map function with goal
– Full heal after combat even if KO’d
– Save anywhere
– Raise defense with alcohol from the tavern
– Use a special item to dodger random encounters

– Contains stepfather sex, ahegao, impregnation, preg-belly, birthing, cross-sections.
– The onomatopoeic text sounds in the H events are left untranslated as romaji.
– Partially voiced (some H scenes / battle cries, etc.)
– There may sometimes be a flicker during battle animations or during animations with text-skip.
– This work does not condone the actual performing of the illegal sexual acts contained within.

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Trenton Reid

Slightly censored, but animated CG’s. Enjoyed the game, mostly. Has tons of rape scenes. Worth a shot. However after finishing the game, I’m missing a single CG. Number 41. If anyone plays and unlocks this, explain how to maybe?