[SLG] The Village Targeted By Barbarians ~NTR of an entire village Simulation~ ver.1.31 [Multi Languages]

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Circle: kegani laboratory
Released: Sep/09/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Cross-section View, Anime, Prostitution / Paid Dating, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Sexual Training, Outdoor Sex, Tanned Skin / Suntan
File size: 579.18 MB

Barbarians are attacking the protagonist’s village!
If he loses, the heroines will become their playthings.
Can the protagonist protect the heroines from their clutches?!

Basic gameplay
Each day is split into phases. You can act once per phase.
Interact with the heroines and improve their feelings towards the protagonist.
Embark on expeditions and earn prestige points to purchase perks and upgrades.
Defend the village from the barbarians’ assaults.

Animation: Some pose art, silhouettes, and H-scenes are animated.
The NTR experience is enhanced with scenes portrayed from afar.

Village-wide NTR: If you keep losing, barbarians can be seen having their way with girls all around the village. The heroines, of course, will also become their playthings!

Randomized sex: Some of the sex scenes have variations to keep the experience fresh.

Prostitution: If the village’s situation worsens, the heroines will be forced into prostitution.
They can be bought by the NTR antagonists–and also the protagonist.

Betrothed to others: The heroines start the game engaged to antagonists.
Prove yourself to change the arrangement before they marry. The clock is ticking!

Battles: Battles can be settled with a single click, so even those who aren’t good at games can easily progress.

Endings: The game ends when you marry a heroine. It’s also possible to marry both heroines!!

Feb/01/2023 – Correction of typographical errors, Bug fixes
Adjusted difficulty
Added and changed Thai translation

Sep/17/2022 – Bug fixes, Content added
Add defeat event
For other details, see Ci-en

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why is MC pp so smoll? poor dude I work so hard so he doesn’t get cucked.


size doesnt matter broadsword or shortsword all serve a purpose, agility or power it just how you use it.