[RPG] Dungeon Repeater: The Tale of Adventurer Vera ver.1.34 [English]

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ダンジョンリピーター 冒険者ヴェーラの物語

Circle: Tengsten
Released: Dec/20/2016
Translator: yrannil & d0rky
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Buttocks, Fantasy, Violation, Shame / Humiliation, Interspecies Sex
File size: 113.17 MB

Full save included

This fantasy RPG plays the battles automatically:
prepare well, explore the dungeon, grow strong.
Each win advances you to another challenge. Each loss,
a chance to respawn and restrategize.
The fast pace and the looping exploration makes for
a simple yet deep system of iterative gameplay.

* Story
Vera is a female adventurer on a pilgrimage with no end.
Her travels have brought her to the Isle of Gurenji, with its underground labyrinth.
Slaying monsters on her way to the nexus of mystery, what will she find?

* Erotica
As of ver 1.34, there are 63 ero events: 21 base event CGs, 298 incl. variations
Failing a battle with a boss monster will result in “failure ero” (interspecies sex).
There are also interactions with characters in “above ground ero” (human partners, etc.)
There are also sekuhara events depicted in pose art, etc.
You can customize Vera’s hero class. There are 6 classes.

* Other
Message skip, backlog and event replay features are all included.

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i played this to the first boss.
first thing first. if you defeat the boss the “defeated H” scene will be added to you recollection automatically.
you need to get 200 monster liquid to upgrade class “adventurer” to add option of “potion use.” so dont try to search for this rule like i do for first 5 minutes .___. and you can challenge a dungeon 3 times per day(or more?) i think. the return orb is permanent and you can go back during battle by clicking “esc” the H scene are scarce but yeah finally no NTR and positive protagonist.