[SLG] The Coliseum King Has His Way In The Ring ver.1.1 [EnglishMTL]

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Circle: JSK Studio
Released: Jul/31/2022
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Cross-section View, Anime, Student, Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love, Fighting / Martial Arts, Coercion / Compulsion, Big Breasts, Virgin Female
File size: 354.55 MB

“So, you’re the champ here huh… Then I will defeat you and avenge my father!”
says the girl standing before the champion of the underground coliseum.

Total and utter confidence of the king’s victory…
Anticipation of a new champion…
Desire for the girl to be mercilessly raped…
A dramatic story of revenge…

The crowd is brimming with excitement and intrigue,
as the gong rings… to signal the start of battle!

– Become the “Underground Coliseum Champion,” and take on a the busty challenger in this H command battle game.
– There are many branching mid-battle H scenes, with a total of 4 endings to see.

[Features / Characteristics]
– Command-based battles with active gauge, which allows you to unleash various skills.
– Contains clothing damage.
– Skill points are awarded during battle. Spend them to increase your stats, or acquire skills, and items.
– Skills and items can impose big effects such as knock down, faint, hypnosis, reverse aging, and more, allowing for a variety of fun H situations.
– Actions and conversation decisions will lead you to 4 endings (not including bad endings).
– Endings are comprised of all different hentai scenes. Unlock one ending and view it again anytime.
– Over 40 H scenes including variations, featuring missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, etc.
– Freely choose how much the character is stripped during sex scenes.
– All intercourse ends with vaginal ejaculations, all positions have separate creampie animations. No recycled gimmicks.
– Cross-section cuts / seX-ray views ON/OFF toggleable.
– Includes extra controls for creampie animations in manual mode.

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Another good one. Anyone find out the reverse aging?


If anyone has a guide for this game and how to unlock endings it would help out alot


Why is it so highly rated? This game is basically a copy-paste of the other game from the same Dev. It’s even on this website: https://fapforfun.net/archives/31639 (“I Wanna Make This Overconfident Magical Girl Learn Her Place”). The only thing that’s changed is plot and the girl. Sice there is little to no difference between these games you can just go ahead and read the comments under the title I linked above, and you’ll get the same thing. I even made a tutorial about how to edit save file if the grind bothers you too much. Anyway, if you haven’t played… Read more »


I just found a walkthrough:

And here’s a bad news, there are over 20,000 sentences in the source code needs to be translated. And all these sentences are separated into 15 different class.
So it’s hard to translate the whole game without any automated program.