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Circle: Studio Cute
Released: May/22/2022
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Loli, Queen / Princess, Warrior, Violation, Restraint, Coercion / Compulsion, Rape, Big Breasts
File size: 383.7 MB


Arche, a princess of Reisland found pleasure in bullying her knight, Remi.
She struck her with a whip, harrassed her, and so on.

Arche “I want to see Remi when she’s erotic.”

Thinking so, the Princess makes a man rape Remi.
Her mischief escalates as she do not care about her feelings.

On the other hand, Remi the Knight was tired
of keeping up with Arche’s mischief.

Remi “If she was normal, I wouldn’t be suffering like this.”

Arche’s selfish desires won’t stop.
She finally thought of going sightseeing to a country nearby.

Remi protects Arches in the big wide world that she’d never set foot on.
Their journey begins, not knowing that there will be
bandits, erotic noble, mean monsters, and tentacles waiting to attack.

But as Remi’s family had served the royal family for generations,
she must protect the princess whatever happens!

**Game system**

This is a turn-battle system.

– Armor break system
When HP decreases during battles, the armor will break.
When HP recovers, it will recover as well.
Some enemies tries to knock-up the characters. Be careful!

– Sacrifice system
When an enemy is excited during the battle
you can tame it by sacrificing yourself.
Protect the princess with all your might!

– Sex scene
Mainly raping and punishing scenes.
The mischievious princess with get her share too.

– Be sure to check if the system works with the sample.

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when i start the game it freeze and close it self