[ADV] Warped Desires ~My Cuckoldry Fetish Breaks My Wife Shelly~ [English]

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歪んだ欲望 寝取らせ妻シェリー

Circle: Tail Aki
Released: Apr/02/2022
Translator: TaihenTsuma
Product format: Adventure
Genre: Married Woman, Fantasy, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Internal Cumshot, Cunnilingus, Ponytail, Big Breasts, Pubic Hair / Armpit Hair
File size: 838.12 MB

“My wife Shelly…please, have sex with her!”

My perverted desire…will ruin my wife’s happiness…

Eddy was the proprietor of a run-down tavern living a boring life.
That was until he met an adventurer named Shelly, one thing led to another,
and the two tied the knot.

She was a total beauty, with great proportions to boot.
Surely, Eddy was the happiest man in the world…

Yet deep down, a dark, warped desire dwelled within Eddy.
And that happy life would soon come crashing down…


This is a sort ADV about a married man who awakens to his desire to have his wife get fucked by another man.
And since that man is better than him in every way, the pleasure hurts so good.

For those that want to enjoy a story without combat.
There aren’t any hardcore depictions either, so the game is recommended for NTR newcomers.

Playtime: Approx. 1 hour

30+ base CG (including cut-ins / excluding pose art)
370+ CG total including variations
2 endings depending on choices.
Wife perspective choose included.
Scene Reminiscence unlocked after game completion.
Mouse controls, right-click for text window transparency included.

H Scenes
– Listen to Shelly report her adulterous behavior.
– Peep on her in the act.
– See it from her perspective too.

Includes cut-ins, moaning, fixed cameras, and animated cross-sections to accentuate the action.

While there are only 10 H scenes, those scenes are jampacked with jerk-off material!

* The game does not include scat, or any grotesque / ryona content.

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Don’t be fooled by the screenshots. This is a kinetic novel with no gameplay, just a long, wordy, linear novel that takes itself far too seriously. This is not a ‘game’ in any sense. If this sounds like your thing, you might really like it, but it’s not my thing in the least. The H-scenes are fine enough as is and even voice acted but not really enough to carry this. H-scene rating: 3/5 Gameplay rating: there is none. Boring and uninspired. There are people who’ve done this much better like any Ntrman game. Hold W to skip dialogue. I… Read more »

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