[ACT] Runaway Ninja: Mischievous Arts of the Kunoichi [English]

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Released: Jun/09/2022
Product format: Action
Genre: No Reverse, Dot/Pixel, Kunoichi (Ninja Girl), Elder Girl x Younger Boy, Internal Cumshot, Reverse Rape, Submissive Man, Big Breasts
File size: 91.85 MB

Do your best to get away from the mega horny kunoichi!
It’s an action-packed, cute-and-sexy game of tag!
It’s the newest in our series about running away, and it’s even better than before!

This time, your opponent is a ninja~
Can our runaway hero escape from the adorably horny ninja girl?

She’s not just chasing you…
There’s tons of all-new, heart-pounding action!
She’s going to use all her ninja arts to nab you~

Check out the new and improved Gallery Mode to enjoy CGs and steamy pixel animations to your heart’s content~

[Hotter than ever before]
* The screen is bigger than before, too!
* More stages!
* Even better backgrounds!
* And plenty more voice work ♡
* Adjust the volume from the Options menu.
* Lots more hot CGs ♡
* Lots more hot pixel animations ♡
* There’s even a Gallery Mode for pixel scenes ♡
* The ninja girl will use her shinobi arts on you!
* Something might happen after the final stage…

[Sexy Content]
* Art of the Fluffyfap (Nipple teasing and handjob from behind)
* Art of the Bottomtease (Ass teasing and blowjob)
* Art of the Armlock Fap (Armpit sniffing and handjob)
* Art of the Tittyrub (Nipple teasing + titjob)
* Art of the Nippletweak (Nipple teasing and cowgirl sex)
* Art of the ????? (???)

Every type of play includes an ejaculation!
Enjoy some sexy one-shota content
featuring a sexy girl ninja~

[System and Credits]

Your goal is to try and avoid the ninja girl’s movements and ninja techniques!
It’s a simple action game that plays like a game of tag.
If you can evade your pursuer for a certain amount of time, you’ll clear the stage. But if you’re caught…

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it was a fun and short game (about five minutes to clear the story mode)

But the fact that to unlock the gallery you have to lose, and if you lose, you have to start all over again (no CONTINUES) made unlocking everything obnoxious.