[RPG] Slave Training – Elite Female Student Council in a School of Delinquents [English-Uncen]

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隷属調教 不良男子校の餌食になるエリート女子校生徒会

Circle: No Future
Released: Apr/08/2022
Translator: ryjk writing
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Uniform, School/Academy, Violation, Sexual Training, Restraint, Gangbang, Tentacle
File size: 613.12 MB

This town has two schools: a proper all-girls school strict about behavior and grades, and an all-boys school that might as well be the Wild West.
The schoolboys are all horny, and relentless try to get under the skirts of the girls on a daily basis.
That’s when 3 members of the student council from the all-girls school decide to enter the delinquent school to put a stop to it once and for all.
After a rough fight, they take down the delinquent leader, and restore the peace.
Or so they thought…
The delinquents were simply pretending to follow the girls’ lead, while waiting for the opportune moment to strike…


Character Design, Event CG
– Belm

– Rio Fujimura
– Momoka Kosuzu
– Hiiro Mamiya

Character Sprites
– Etanara

– Villager A

– LewdGatta

– Ranki Hashioto

A roleplaying game made in RPG TKool MV.
The main differences between this and NoFuture other RPGs:
– No mid-battle H.
– Defeat to an enemy is simply game over (no defeat H in battle)
– Very few RPG elements such as levelling / item collection.

The original plan was to make a visual novel,
but ultimately the RPG TKool battle system did a better job of displaying the strength of the heroines.

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